Kitchen Cabinet Classification And Size Design

- Dec 05, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet Classification and Size Design

According to the location and size of the space in which it is located, it can be divided into:

1, the floor kitchen cabinet

Also known as the lower kitchen cabinet, it supports the countertop and provides storage space.

There is a saying: the height of the kitchen cabinet = height / 2, according to ergonomics, 780mm should be more appropriate, but the data is not static, but to adjust according to the actual height of the person who cooks.

The width of the floor kitchen cabinet is related to the size of the sink and can be placed in the width of the largest sink to a normal width. The largest sink (wash basin) for household use is also 470mmX880mm, and it is more suitable to make kitchen cabinets about 600~650mm, and it is more beautiful.

2, hanging kitchen cabinet

Located in the upper part of the kitchen cabinet, expand the upper storage space of the kitchen.

The height of the hanging kitchen cabinet is preferably 500mm~600mm, the depth is 300mm~450mm, the length is 1200mm~3900mm, and the interval between the kitchen cabinets is not more than 700mm.

The kitchen cabinet should be 1450mm~1500mm from the ground. This height is suitable for the height of most chefs, so that they can open the kitchen cabinet and take out the utensils without rubbing.

The distance between the kitchen cabinet wall kitchen cabinet and the console is 600 mm. This distance is the distance from the console to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet so that some tableware or small kitchen appliances can be placed.

3, high kitchen cabinet

The height of the high kitchen cabinet is suitable for the two hands to reach the height of the hand, generally above 1800mm, the size is the height of the lower kitchen cabinet + the spacing between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets + the height of the upper kitchen cabinet. Can be used with an embedded refrigerator.

4, countertop

There are several types of stone countertops: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, etc. The same kind of stone has different thicknesses. In addition, the popular fireproof countertops are more resistant to moisture and more selective, becoming a new trend with thicknesses of 25mm and 38mm.

In order to meet the requirements of waterproofing, the water retaining is generally arranged in front of the platform, and the rear water retaining requirement is excessively smooth. The general height is 30~60mm, and the common height is 50mm.

Overall kitchen cabinet size example

Standard size paint kitchen cabinet

Floor counter height: 845mm

Water blocking height: 45mm

Height in front of the platform is 45mm

Table width: 600mm

Height of the hanging kitchen cabinet: 800mm

Thickness of the kitchen cabinet body: 350mm

Standard size solid wood kitchen cabinet

Space requirement: 2.5m

Floor counter height: 820mm

Water blocking height: 50mm

Height of the front skirt: 60mm

Table width: 600mm

Height of the kitchen cabinet body: 750mm

Thickness of the kitchen cabinet body: 380mm

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