Is The Red Kitchen Cabinets Good?

- Sep 17, 2018 -

Is the Red Kitchen Cabinets Good?

Red is actually a commonly used color, which can be used in general kitchens with good lighting. At the same time, it is necessary to match the color of the countertop, and also consider the color of the kitchen floor, wall and floor tiles and the overall decoration effect of the family.

First, the advantages of the red kitchen cabinet: red kitchen cabinets can increase people's appetite, in the winter, you will feel warm and warm, and the red color is a lot, not necessarily bright red, some low-key steady red will make the home look Classy and trendy. For example: wine red, red, rose red are good

Second, the disadvantages of the red kitchen cabinet: if the red in the kitchen too much will make the eyes overburdened, resulting in dizziness and nervous feeling.

Third, red kitchen cabinets to consider the collocation problem:

1.With the appliance

2.With the color of the wall

3.With the color of the floor tiles

4. Red and kitchen cabinet material matching

Red kitchen cabinet match

First, the fusion of red and white: to lay a simple tone. The color can be pleasant to the senses, and the pure white space suddenly appears thick red, and the joy is all over the kitchen. The overall simple kitchen utensils are also not solemn, laying a simple and clear tone in the space. For example, a red kitchen cabinet surface with a white countertop or kitchen cabinet door would be very eye-catching. And if it is a red painted panel with a white background wall, it can also be red and understated.

Second, the harmonious combination of red and stripes: create a nostalgic quaint tone. The high-end red color will set off a wave of retro. The classic black and white stripes and eye-catching Chinese red, embellished with gorgeous retro lighting, baroque luxury and change of breath in the kitchen.

Third, if the pursuit of harmony and consistency, you can use the same color, with the atmosphere and elegance, if the pursuit is outstanding personality, you can take contrast tones, highlight their own character, but no matter what, in a room It is best not to exceed three colors. The burgundy kitchen cabinets can be matched with brown, dark blue and grey tablecloths.

Fourth, the classic match of red and black: black low-key, red unassuming, but if the two are combined, it will play a complementary role, very avant-garde effect.

Five, red kitchen cabinet light color tile matching: kitchen white tile is the first choice for many families, if you feel too monotonous, may wish to match a set of red kitchen cabinets, not only can highlight the texture of the kitchen cabinet, but also make the entire kitchen space more hierarchical sense.

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