Installation Tools Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Installation Tools of kitchen cabinets

Today, we will introduce to you various tools that are used for the installation of kitchen cabinet, including percussive drill, Jig saw, shift-gears electric drill, corner grinder, polisher, screw driver, pencil, tape, hammer, pincers, wrenches and glue feeder.

After getting the general understanding of the assembly tools, let us have a look at the functions and usages of electric tools.

Shift-gears electric drill, when used with 8MM drill bits, is mainly used for drilling holes for jointing bolts and to drill holes on the countertop.

Shift-gears electric drill, when used with the pneumatic screwdriver, is mainly used for disassembling the cabinet bodies and driving in self-tapping screws.

When Shift-gears electric drill is used together with various models of hole openers, it is mainly used for cutting holes for taps and electric sockets.

Shift-gears electric is able to rotate in both directions and the speed can be adjusted by hand, which allows you to assemble and disassemble the bodies of the cabinets as well as to drive in self-tapping screws.

When the percussive drill is used with 8-mm drill, it drills holes for pensile parts for wall cabinets and electric appliances.

To understand the functions of jig saw, we need to take a look at the demonstration of the machine being with the saw blades. Insert the saw blade into the machine and screw down the parts on the upper end of the machine. The jigsaw can be used for cutting, round and square openings in cabinet panels and countertop on the installation spot.

The corner grinder, when used with ф80MM sand wheel or cutter wheel, is mainly used for polishing and cutting for countertop.

The polisher is used with the polishing wax to polish the surface of the countertop.


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