Installation Of The Small Basket Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Installation Of The Small Basket Of Kitchen Cabinets

There are various kinds of small basket, which are installed in base cabinets and easy-reach cabinets.

A small basket consists of three parts. Firstly, let’s connect the internal with external frames of the basket.

Use tape to measure dimensions of the two parts. Go in 440MM and mark the vertical positioning line on the bottom panels. If the door is opened from the left, go in 240MM from the left side panel to mark transverse line. Install the internal frame. Place the internal frame on the bottom panel of the cabinet and position it according to the positioning line. Tighten with screws.

Then, level the front of the external frame with the side panel. Place it on the bottom panel and secure it onto the side panels of the easy-reach cabinet with screws. Having installed the two parts, pull out the small basket and joint the two parts with the pointing parts.

Then, we can install door panels. Before installation, we should use tape to measure the dimensions of the upper and lower jointers of the door panels. Use this measured dimension to mark the positioning line on the door panels. Disassemble the parts from the door panel combo and install it on the door panels.

After installation, joint the two parts and secure with screws.

After securing the door panels, adjust the door panels by adjusting the door panel combo.

In the end, place the baskets onto the two parts. The installation of the small basket pantry is completed.

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