Installation Of Ball Slides

- Jun 30, 2018 -

Installation of Ball Slides

The ball slide is also named as trinodal slides. Before installation, let’s have a look at the disassembly of the ball slides.

When you extend the ball slides, you will see black plastic on the side. If we pull the end of the plastic outward, one section of the ball slide has been disassembled. Find out door panels for respective drawer cabinets according to drawings and measure the height of all door panels with tape. Then, leave 25MM space from the lower end of the side panels and mark the line. Mark the positioning line for the slides above the 25MM line according to the height of the door panels. Go in forward 5MM from the front and mark the line. Install the ball slides at the marked line on the side panels of the cabinet body. Refer to the assembly processes of the base cabinet and assemble the drawer cabinet body.

In the next step, we can start assembling the drawers. Just like the assembly of cabinet bodies, we should first of all install the jointing parts on the side panels of the drawers. Align the front and back panels with the jointing hole and secure with cam. After installing the back panels for the drawers, secure with nails.

After assembling the drawers, we should install one part of the ball slide on the side of the drawer base, leveling it to the bottom of the drawer side panel. Go in 1MM from the front and secure with nails. Please note the drawer for ball slide is different from Blum drawer, as the drawer is made of wooden panels, which is the same to cabinet body. They are all jointed with cam that is convenient for assembly.

After assembling the drawer, we can start leveling the base cabinet body. Please refer to the leveling of Blum drawer cabinet body.

 After leveling the cabinet body, we can start installing the door panels. First of all, let’s put the first drawer on the slides of the cabinet body and install the door panels from the bottom to the top. Use a 4.2MM straight drill to drill a few holes on drawer face frame in order to install the door panels. After drilling the holes, use self-tapping screws to secure the drawer face frame with the door panels. The bottom of the door panel should level with the bottom panel of the cabinet. The installation of the second door panel is the same as the first door panel and the clearance between the two door panels is 2MM. Use set square as measure reference. It is required the door panels should be installed properly and the clearance should be even. The installation of the ball slides is completed.

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