IKEA Recalls 17.3 Million MALA Drawer Cabinet

- Dec 01, 2017 -

IKEA recalls 17.3 million "MALA drawer cabinet"

Recently, the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA announced that it recalled 17.3 million Malm drawers in the United States and Canada. In May this year, a 2-year-old child, who lost his life due to a tumbler, was the 8th child death toll caused by the wardrobe. 27th Cover News correspondent in IKEA China official discovery, a variety of Malm problem chest of drawers are still on sale.

In response, IKEA China's relevant departments responded that this recall does not include China, customers can get free from the IKEA official anti-fall kit.

In May, Jozef, a 2-year-old California child, died in a dump on the IKEA Malm wardrobe. According to his father, when the child was asleep, he walked into the room and wanted to see if the child had kicked the quilt or something, but found the body of the child under the dumped chest of drawers. The incident was not revealed until October, the eighth case of child death in Malm's chest of drawers since 1989.

As early as June last year, IKEA issued a recall notice, customers can take the initiative to contact IKEA to return to the drawers, or free fixed installation. However Jozef's parents said they did not receive any recall notice questioning the ineffective recall of IKEA. Counsel for the case also believe that IKEA had previously made the idea of free fixed installation difficult to set up. "They [IKEA] put a very dangerous piece of furniture in every household in the United States."

On November 21 this year, IKEA again issued a recall of 17.3 million Malm chest of drawers, including more than 60 cm of children's chest of drawers and more than 75 cm of adult chest of drawers, only in Canada and the United States.

"Deadly drawers" are still sold in China, 299 yuan to 999 yuan range

The reporter found on the official website of IKEA China that Malm drawers with potential safety problems are still on sale. In the Malm series, there are 6 drawers, from two drawers to 9 drawers, the price of 299 yuan to 999 yuan. According to the indicators of this recall, only two drawers (height 55 cm) is not in the recall range, and the remaining five were more than 60 cm in height.

Click to enter the Malm chest of drawers details page, the reporter found a relevant note: "Warning! Danger of dumping - unfixed furniture may be tipped. This furniture must use the product packaging security accessories to be fixed with the wall to prevent Fall over ". However, the fixing device needed for fixing the drawers needs to be purchased separately by consumers.

On June 27 last year, IKEA announced the recall of 35 million "life-saving chest of drawers" in the United States and Canada, excluding China. Later, under pressure from all aspects, IKEA in July announced the unconditional recall of the Chinese market, Malm drawers.

Recall does not include Chinese customers can get a free installation package

Then why this year's recall missed China? Reporter learned from the relevant departments of IKEA China, this recall does not contain China, as for the reason, the other did not disclose.

In a statement issued by IKEA China, "IKEA has initiated recalls for some drawer units since the summer of last year and has promoted a" firm-fixed "product safety campaign on a global basis. IKEA China , Continued to carry out "firmly fixed" campaign, through the shopping malls, networks (IKEA.CN) and other different channels to raise people's awareness of security, and provide free wall firmware, on the wall service and other means to reduce home security risks lowest."

According to the IKEA China official website "Firm Fixing" page, customers can fill in the registration form and receive a free fall protection kit for IKEA drawers. The tool in the kit is for IKEA drawers only.

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