How To Remove The Odor In The Kitchen Cabinet?

- Apr 18, 2018 -

How To Remove The Odor In The Kitchen Cabinet?

1. Simple ventilation: The natural wind is very good. If the ventilation is inconvenient, it can be assisted by electric fans.

2. simple decomposition: high temperature and high humidity days are particularly suitable for spraying herbs Dialyte governance of formaldehyde, direct contact with the source to remove harmful substances, but also to avoid secondary pollution damage, kitchen cabinet paint to avoid secondary pollution.

3. simple plants: can absorb formaldehyde and adsorption of only the blue grass plants, there are conditions can put some more governance as an auxiliary tool to improve the air.

4. Use orange peels, pomelo peels, grapefruit skin, used tea dried into gauze bags, into the kitchen  cabinet, you can get rid of the odor in the kitchen cabinet.

5. go to the supermarket to buy activated carbon adsorbent or bamboo charcoal adsorbent.

6. Leave the rest of the tea leaves, dry it, and put it.

7. Cut a pineapple in the cupboard. Because pineapple is a kind of crude fiber fruit, it can not only absorb the smell of paint, but also can reach the flavor of sweet pineapple and speed up the removal of odor. It has achieved the best of both worlds.

8. Pour the white vinegar on the plate in the cupboard.

9. 5 newspapers, bleach, white vinegar, 99% alcohol. First put a newspaper on an unused pot and put it in the closet to burn it. This is to make the wood's surface odor evaporate. It cannot be burned continuously. It is separated by a few minutes and then burned again. This process should be especially careful. It! After burning, spray and spray the bleach. After the odor disappears, spray the alcohol again. Finally, apply the vinegar to the kitchen cabinet, and after half an hour the fresh odor in the kitcehn cabinet will be permanently changed. This is the fastest. The most effective and thorough method.


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