How To Protect Marble Kitchen Cabinet Countertops?

- Jan 14, 2019 -

How to Clean and Protect the Marble Kitchen Cabinet Countertops?

For the choice of kitchen cabinets, many families like kitchen cabinets with marble kitchen cabinet countertops, because marble kitchen cabinet countertops have many advantages. But do you know the maintenance precautions for marble kitchen cabinet countertops?

1. Pay attention to special treatment.

After all, marble kitchen cabinet countertops are more expensive, so when we are maintaining marble countertops, we have to be as special as other expensive wood furniture. Remember two don't, and one in time. Do not leave the stain on the marble surface for a long time. Do not place the glass directly on the marble kitchen cabinet countertop. Clean up in time when a spill occurs.

2. Pay attention to cleaning the kitchen cabinet countertop.

Pay attention to cleaning when there is residue on the kitchen cabinet countertop. The best way is to remove it with a rag and keep it dry.

3, must pay attention to wiping the kitchen cabinet countertop.

When wiping the kitchen cabinet countertop, if you want to dry or polish it, use a dry towel or paper towel. When cleaning marble kitchen cabinet countertops with a mild detergent, it is not enough to use a mild detergent. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and go to the store to purchase high quality marble cleaning products for cleaning.

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