How To Pick Up Different Kitchen Cabinet Material For Your New Home

- Jan 15, 2018 -

How to pick up different kitchen cabinet material for your new home


The whole cabinet more and more fire this year, many of my friends at home have installed the whole cabinet. But many friends do not know how to buy a good kitchen whole cabinet.


The purchase of the kitchen cabinet as a whole is the key to the overall choice of kitchen counter materials, the overall countertops cabinet materials are many, in the selection can not be light from the price and appearance to determine the overall cabinet countertops material is good or bad should be from the countertops cabinets materials And cabinet door material to consider both.


Cabinet counter material



Artificial stone countertops


Natural stone countertops: natural stone texture is very beautiful, hard texture, scratch-resistant performance is very prominent, good wear resistance; low cost, different colors, is the most affordable kind of a countertop material.


Fire board countertops


Stainless steel countertops: sturdy, easy to clean, practicality.


Cabinet door material


Laminate door: the highest cost

 Laminate highest cost, but also the best kind of care for the average family. Currently from the market share point of view, also has a dominant position.

Solid wood door: some are not all solid wood

Solid wood cabinets for more than 9.2m cabinets, if the open kitchen, you need at least 7.2m. In the kitchen use the solid wood door of the whole cabinet, with the return to nature, back to basics of the effect, style and more for the classic. Solid wood cabinets more suitable for the middle-aged consumers prefer pure wood luxury decoration, which is currently the most upscale cabinets on the market.


Paint door: the most visual beauty


Lower than the solid wood prices, but more than the fireproof board, is the paint door. Paint the surface of the door with one-sided paint and double-sided paint points, if the single-sided paint treatment, the door moisture resistance is relatively less, and easy to deform.


Metal texture door: avant-garde favorite


Metal texture door is the latest kitchen material in Europe, bold avant-garde highly personalized style and the sense of the times. This door also has excellent wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion resistance, and routine maintenance is simple, easy to clean, long life. However, its disadvantages are also obvious, that is, expensive, suitable for the pursuit of synchronization with the world's ultra-high-end decoration, and ordinary consumers missed.


PVC door: the popular cabinet material


PVC door panels for the MDF, the surface by vacuum or from a PVC film using a seamless pressure molding process. Blister-type door colorful, vivid wood, monochrome chroma Chunyan, no cracking deformation, resistance planning, heat resistance, fouling, fade, is the most mature cabinet materials, and routine maintenance is simple.


The choice of countertops materials in the overall cabinet must be based on their needs, do not follow the trend on the market, such as the choice of a good overall selection of man-made stone countertops, metal like the choice of stainless steel, focusing on economic election fire Plate. In short, the best for their own.

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