How To Pick Out And Buy The Kitchen Cabinets

- May 11, 2018 -

How To Pick Out And Buy The Kitchen Cabinets

1. Look at the edge of the plate. The kitchen cabinets of the high-quality kitchen cabinets are exquisitely sealed, smooth, and feel good. The sealing lines are straight and smooth, and the joints are fine. Professional manufacturers use a straight edge banding machine to complete the edge-sealing, decapitation, trimming, chamfering, polishing and other processes at once to ensure the most accurate dimensions. The workshop is a small factory is using a brush coating, artificial pressure sealing edge, with a knife to trim the edge, with a manual polishing machine polishing, due to uneven pressure, many places are not strong, but also cause formaldehyde and other harmful substances to the air in.

2. Look for punching. Today's panel furniture is assembled with three-in-one connectors. The fit and accuracy of the hole position will affect the structural integrity of the kitchen cabinet.

3. To see the board. Panels are the first step in the production of kitchen cabinets. The large-scale specialized enterprises use electronic cutting saws to input the processing dimensions through the computer. The computer controls the dimensional accuracy of the selected materials, and can process several plates at one time. The performance of the equipment is stable, and the precision of the size of the plate is very high, and the tolerance unit is in micrometers.

4. Look at the door. The door is the face of the kitchen cabinet and is as important as the person's face. The door panels produced by small factories are prone to moisture deformation due to improper handling of substrates and surface processes.

5. To see the assembly effect of the entire kitchen cabinet. Any size error in the production process will be reflected in the door panel. The small factory produces a combination of kitchen cabinets, door panels will appear uneven door gap, uneven gaps, large and small.

6. Look at the drawer slides. Although it is a small detail, it is an important part of the quality of the kitchen cabinet. Due to the hole position and dimensional error caused by the error in the installation size of the slide rail, causing the drawer pull is not smooth or left and right loose state, but also pay attention to whether the drawer gap is uniform.

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