How To Install The Kitchen Cabinet?

- Jul 23, 2018 -

How to Install the Kitchen Cabinet?

Whether the cabinet installation is in place not only directly affects the appearance of the cabinet, but also affects the use of the cabinet. There are a lot of details, and the problems to be paid attention to during the installation process include cabinets, wall cabinets and countertops.

First, the installation of the cabinet

1) Before installing the cabinet, the worker should clean the kitchen floor to accurately measure the ground level. If it is L-shaped or U-shaped, you need to find the reference point first. The L-shaped ground cabinet extends from the right angle to both sides. If there is a gap from the two sides to the middle, the U-shaped cabinet will be the first one. The cabinets are placed neatly, and then placed from two right angles to the sides to avoid gaps. After the floor cabinet is placed, it is necessary to level the floor cabinet and adjust the level of the cabinet through the adjustment legs of the cabinet.

2) The connection between the cabinets is also an important step in the installation of the cabinet. Generally, four connectors are required to connect between the cabinets to ensure the tightness between the cabinets. In order to save installation costs, some cabinet manufacturers use poor quality self-tapping screws to connect. Self-tapping screws not only affect the appearance of the cabinet, but also lock the cabinet from one end, and the connection is not high.

Second, the installation of the cabinet

1) Because the kitchen hanging cabinet is suspended in the air, it is necessary to connect the hanging cabinet with the connecting piece. The installation of the kitchen hanging cabinet frame is best done before the indoor plastering, so that the interior of the cabinet will make the cabinet frame more Strong to prevent potential safety hazards.

2) The height of the hanging cabinet installation, the height of the universal hanging cabinet from the ground is between 1580mm and 1600mm. Too high the things above the hanging cabinet are not good to take, too low to be easy to meet when operating. But there is no need to stick to this number. It is best to let the members responsible for cooking at the kitchen stand in the kitchen when installing the wall cabinet, and determine the height of the wall cabinet installation according to the comfort of her operation.

3) The size of the hanging cabinet, the height of the kitchen hanging cabinet itself is preferably 50 cm to 60 cm, the depth is 30 cm to 45 cm, and the length is 120 cm to 390 cm. This size allows for the maximum storage of kitchen utensils and meets the needs of people.

4) The distance between the connection between the wall cabinet and the wall should not exceed 50cra. If it exceeds this distance, it is easy to cause the cabinet to be installed weakly.

5) Pay attention to the current wall drawing a horizontal line when installing the hanging cabinet. If the effect of the hanging cabinet is ambiguous, I believe that all the owners will not be satisfied, so it is best to draw on the wall before installing the hanging cabinet. Horizontal lines, then install along the horizontal line.

Third, the installation of the countertop

1) In order to reduce the error caused by the actual environment and the cabinet design after the decoration of the kitchen, the countertops are installed after the cabinets and cabinets of the whole cabinet are installed, which can improve the accuracy of the cabinet installation.

2) The cabinet countertops are generally bonded in the installation process. Therefore, professional glue should be used when bonding the countertops. In order to ensure the beauty of the countertop joints, the installer should use a sander to polish and polish to ensure the bonding. The beauty of the part is beautiful.

3) The installation of the countertops has a great relationship with the season. Generally, it takes half an hour to bond the countertops in summer and more than one hour in the winter. Only such standards can ensure the quick drying of the adhesive.

4) The installation of the cabinet countertops must also consider the installation requirements of other supporting kitchen utensils. For example, the distance between the range hood and the cooktop is generally between 750 and 800 mm, and should be aligned with the cooker.

5) Install the embedded electrical appliances in the whole cabinet only by opening the power supply hole on site. When assembling the range hood and the cooker, pay attention to the smoking effect and whether the air source has air leakage.

Fourth, hardware installation

1) When installing, determine the location of water pipes and wires according to the water circuit and circuit diagram. Be sure to avoid water pipes and wires to prevent breaking water pipes and breaking wires.

2) When installing on the surface of the tile, first use a glass drill to pierce the tile, or use a steel nail or a hammer to gently open the tile to pierce the tile, and then use an electric hammer to empty it to avoid breaking the tile.

3), the tool can not directly contact the hardware during installation, and then tighten it with a clean soft cloth.

4), all kinds of faucets or mixers, try to install stainless steel cover.

5) The basin, faucet and basket are also the highlights of the cabinet. In order to prevent water seepage in the basin or the water, the connection between the hose and the basin should be sealed with a sealing strip or glass glue. The hose and the sewer should also be sealed with glass glue.

Five, stove electrical installation

1) The installation of embedded electrical appliances in the cabinet only needs to open the power supply hole on the spot. However, the power supply hole cannot be opened too small to avoid disassembly in the future. If the workers wrap the water meter and the gas meter, there will be troubles in the future maintenance. The state also has relevant standards that do not allow the packaging of electricity meters and gas meters.

2) In order to ensure the use and smoking effect when installing the range hood, the distance between the range hood and the cooktop is generally between 750-800 mm. If the installation height is too high, it will affect the smoking effect.

3) The installation of the cooker is relatively simple. First check whether the gas type is suitable. For the embedded cooker, the hole size should be rigorously cut according to the size of the manual, and the clamp should be fixed with the matching clip. It should be noted that the intake pipe must be fixed by the pipe clamp, the length should be suitable, too long will increase the pressure drop caused by the resistance of the intake pipe, reduce the heat flow of the cooker, too short will cause the pulling phenomenon, the hose is easy to fall off. The specification of the hose should be matched with the joint. If the seal is not tight, it will cause air leakage. If it is too tight (such as using hot water to cover it), it will accelerate the aging of the hose. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check whether the hose is cracked or peeled off. Because many fires caused by stoves are caused by joints.

Sixth, adjust the cabinet door

The final step in installing the cabinet is to adjust the door panel to ensure that the gap between the cabinet door is even and horizontal, the depth of the cabinet is generally 550 mm, and the cabinet is 300 mm. The consumer can also adjust according to the actual situation. After adjusting the door, the workers should also clean up the garbage left when installing the cabinet to ensure the cleaning of the owner's kitchen.

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