How To Install A Countertop

- Apr 08, 2018 -

How to Install a Countertop?

1. Open packaging of the countertop and use tape to check the dimensions of the countertop meet with the dimensions of the site. Check the notch of the countertop and use straight corner ruler to check if the obstacle at the position of the notch is straight angle. Use tape to check the tilting dimensions. In case any place needs cutting, mark the line on the notch and use corner grinder or jig saw to cut along the line. Be careful to put on mask and gloves while grinding and cutting.

2. Grinding of the benchmark countertop: when the cutting of the notch is over, place the benchmark side of the countertop on the base cabinet and grind with corner grinder. The worker should keep a distance from the countertop while grinding. Use grinder to grind from the back to the front. It is best the worker does not move, with one hand holding the grinder and the other hand switching on the power. The eyes of the worker, the countertop and the grinding wheel form one line and grinding will be vertical along this line.

3. Measurement of the joints of the countertop: after grinding the benchmark side of the countertop, use tape to measure joints of the countertop. Check the drawings and their dimensions to compare it on spot. Mark the line with pencil for any extra and grind or cut with grinder or jig saw.

4. Adjustment of the countertop with the seams of the wall: when the benchmark side of the countertop joints with the jointing side, in case the clearance between splash back of the countertop and the wall is larger than 5MM, use the following method to adjust. Place the two countertops tightly against the wall and put the two splashes back together. In this way, the two countertops will have clearance at the front side. Measure the clearance of the front and mark the clearance dimensions at the splash back. Mark along the front end and marks at splash back. Cut along the line. In this way, the clearance between the countertop and the wall can be eliminated to an extent.

5.Grinding and repair of the jointing seam: use the benchmark side of countertop as a standard and joint it with the other countertop. As the joint sides are not flat, there will be some places to be or not to be seamed. Mark the seamless places with pencil. Use corner grinder to grind and repair until all seams are eliminated.

6.After grinding the joint sides, use knife to remove the marks made by pencil. Then, mix the glue with the hardener. According to our experience, a half-cup of glue should be mixed with hardener of half spoon. Then, properly mix them. Be careful that the cup and the knife should be kept clean.

7. Jointing and adjustment of the countertop: apply the glue to the joint seam and use knife to move and ensure the glue is applied evenly. In addition, pressure should be added. Then, use knife to adjust the level of the countertops on the surface and front side. Be careful that paper should be placed on top of the door panels to avoid glue dripping on them.

8. When the glue becomes dry, use knife to remove excessive glue on the countertop in order to grind. Use sand wheel to grind first and then use cutting wheel to polish until the grinding marks of the sand wheel are gone. Use sand paper (#150, #400 & #1200) to sand with water, until the surface of the countertop is smooth. Use polishing machine to polish. Apply wax on the countertop and polish with the polishing machine until the surface finish at the countertop joints becomes the same as other surfaces. In the next step, join the lower end of countertop with the cabinet body by using the jointing parts.

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