How To Identify Kitchen Cabinets Quality?

- Nov 07, 2018 -

How to Identify Kitchen Cabinets Quality?

First, look at the edge of the board:

1. The edge of the high-quality kitchen cabinet is smooth, smooth and feels good. The edge banding line is straight and smooth, and the professional manufacturer uses a straight edge banding machine to complete the processes of edge sealing, broken head, trimming, chamfering and pumping.

2, the glue of kitchen cabinets is even, the pressure of the pressure seal is stable. The processing dimensional accuracy can be adjusted to the most suitable position to ensure the most accurate size, while the workshop-style small factory is glued with a brush.

3, manual pressure seal edge of kitchen cabinets, with ion knife trim, polished with a manual polishing machine, due to uneven pressure, many places are not strong, it will also cause formaldehyde and other toxic gases to volatilize into the air.

Second, look at punching:

Today's panel furniture is assembled by a one-to-one connector, which requires a lot of connection holes on the board. The fit and precision of the hole position will affect the structural rigidity of the kitchen cabinet. The professional manufacturer of kitchen cabinets uses a multi-row drill to complete an allegro, a hole on the edge of the board and the surface of the board. These holes are a positioning standard, and the dimensional accuracy is guaranteed. Handmade small factories use row drills, even pistols to drill holes, and the dimensional error is large.

Third, look at the board of kitchen cabinets:

The cutting board is also called the opening of the board, which is the first process of kitchen cabinet production. The large-scale specialized enterprise uses the electronic cutting saw to input through the computer. The processing size is controlled by the computer to select the material of kitchen cabinets and the dimensional accuracy. Moreover, several plates of kitchen cabinets can be processed at one time. The performance of the device is stable, and the precision of the plate is very high. The error unit is in the micrometer. And there is no collapse in the edge of the board. The hand-work-type small factory uses a small manual cutting saw, which has a large error and often collapses.

Fourth, the door:

The door panel of kitchen cabinets is the face of the kitchen cabinet, just as important as the human face. The door panel of kitchen cabinets produced by the small factory is not properly processed due to the substrate and the surface process, the surface is uneven, not smooth, the door panel of kitchen cabinets is easily deformed by moisture, and the process inside the door panel is poor.

Fifth, look at the assembly effect of the whole set of kitchen cabinets

Any dimensional error in the production process will be reflected on the door panel. The door panels of kitchen cabinets produced by professional manufacturers are horizontal and vertical, and the gap between the doors is even. In the kitchen cabinets produced by small factories, the door panels will be uneven, the gaps will be uneven, and there will be big and small.

Six, look at the slide rails of the drawer:

Although it is a small detail, it is an important part of the quality of the kitchen cabinet. Due to the dimensional error of the hole position and the plate, there is an error in the matching of the mounting dimensions of the slide rail, which causes the drawer to be pulled unsmoothly or loosely left and right, and it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the drawer gap is uniform.

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