How To Get Customer Trust? Give You The Answer!

- Jan 15, 2018 -

How to get customer trust? Give you the answer!


Many marketers have just encountered such a problem, any attitude you sincerely, how sincere words, how to protect the product, the metropolis is regarded as a liar consumers, why you sincerity can not change customer trust it ? Have you ever wondered if you might not really talk!


First, speak sincere


Sincere friendship is the beginning.


Second, give customers a reason to buy


Let customers be very happy to buy your product. Think spending money is worth it.


Third, let the customer know that he did not buy this product alone


The best use of customer testimonials, such as a certain star, certain units are all using your product.


 Fourth, in the simplest way to explain the product


Do not be self-righteous in front of customers. Many customers sometimes ask very naive questions, this time the clerk must not self-righteous, thinking they know everything, the customer as a stupid.

 Many customers do not like the kind of triumphant, deeply clever clerk. If the customer is really wrong, so clever, let him know that other people are often making the same mistake, he is only made most people make mistakes only.

 If you are smarter than you are, then you are likely to lose an order. With a sincere attitude to listen to customers talk about, so that customers feel valued. Of course, if customers like you to say more.

 Five, so that customers feel very special

 Some customers always think they are a very personal person, if the clerk can treat him as a special person to deal with, the customer will think that met the confidant, more willing to spend more time with you, but also more willing to believe you Product and sales. Customer needs personality respect, you need to give him confidence.


Six, pay attention to listen to customers, understand what customers think

 Some customers have specific requirements on the products they wish to purchase. Pay attention to the requirements of customers and meet the needs of customers will make the sales more smooth. Conversely, blindly want to sell their products, unreasonably interrupt the client's words, chatter in the customer's ears, in the unlikely event of a failure.

Customer-oriented, listen less talkative. When the customer does not intend to buy, do not use old sales tactics to put pressure on him. If the customer really do not want, you have to decisively leave.


Seven, you can provide customers what kind of service, please say to the customer listen, do to the customer

 Customers not only want to get your pre-sales service, but also hope that after you buy your products, get good service, continuous calls, holiday greetings, etc., will give customers a good feeling. If you agree with the client do not find an excuse to delay or do not do.


Eight, do not vilify others in front of customers

 Even if competitors have this or that bad, but also do not vilify others in order to elevate themselves in front of customers, this is a very stupid way, often customers will produce rebellious. At the same time not to mention their company's bad words, in front of customers complain that the company is not, customers will not be relieved to put money in a company that even their employees do not agree.


IX. Consolidating relations beyond eight hours


If you really want to retain customers, it should really love your customers, to remember the customer's birthday, hobbies and other information, let customers feel your care. In particular, customers encounter major events in life you go to participate, will have a huge impact. For example, the customer's mother birthday, you can go to participate, then your order is determined.


Ten, the customer is also human


Customers also have their own feelings is not the existence of the relationship between interest will be the only contact with you. What he needs is more than just money but also emotional integration and care. If you rely on your subtle discovery and sincerity, you will have your presence in the client's emotional world and you will inadvertently find his relationship with you subtle You are not only collaborators in economic interests but also friends who know each other well.

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