How To Design The Whole Kitchen Cabinet?

- Oct 08, 2018 -

How to design the whole kitchen cabinet?

1, the overall kitchen cabinet layout

The whole kitchen cabinet is a relatively systematic product. If cooking, washing, etc. are not easy, making a meal is like snoring. It is definitely a problem with the design of the whole kitchen cabinet. And a reasonable layout of the overall kitchen cabinet design can reduce the complexity of our usual operations, reducing the tiredness of the cook. Ideally, the height of the golden triangle in the kitchen should not exceed 90 cm, which makes the operation more efficient.

The design of a whole kitchen cabinet should be applied to the principles of ergonomics and engineering materials, and its production line should be smooth, continuous, and free of reflow. The so-called production line is a set of operations that we usually use. No matter what kind of food we cook, we need to start from preparing food, and process, cut and mix the cooking process into a complete process to complete the cooking. Therefore, the design of the overall kitchen cabinet should be designed and laid out according to the cooking procedure.

2, the overall kitchen cabinet size

The reason why the whole kitchen cabinet design also uses ergonomics is that in some unreasonable designs, when the kitchen cabinet is too short, there will be cases where the person who is in the basket often hits the head, or the kitchen cabinet is not high enough, it is not convenient to take and put things. It is really tiring. Therefore, when the owners customize the whole kitchen cabinet, they must know the size of the kitchen cabinet: in order to take convenience, the items that are often used are recommended to be placed at a height of 70-185cm, and the height of the kitchen cabinet is 145cm from the ground. For ease of use, the door can be changed to an upwardly folded pneumatic door. The depth of the wall kitchen cabinet is most suitable for 40cm. The floor kitchen cabinet is preferably in the form of a large chest of drawers, which makes it convenient to take the lowest items. The size of the kitchen cabinets given by Hangzhou Dingshang Decoration is a reference range. Generally, it will be adjusted according to the specific conditions and habits of the person in the custom.

What are the precautions for the overall kitchen cabinet design?

1. When designing the whole kitchen cabinet, measure the length, width and height of the room from a number of different points (such as the height of the floor to the ceiling, the width between the wall and the wall), and check for any irregularities.

2. Pay attention to the location of the existing water pipes and power outlets in the kitchen.

4, to carefully consider where the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator should be placed, it is easy to open the door.

5, must consider all the protrusions in the design, such as the location of water pipes, gas meters and water meters.

6. In the kitchen, the light and darkness of the light is also very important, so it is necessary to plan where to adjust the lighting before designing the whole kitchen cabinet.

7. Be careful to fix the luminaire under the suspended wall kitchen cabinet so that it can illuminate the range of the console.

8. Do not place the gas stove or oven under the window, otherwise the wind may blow out the fire or blow the curtain onto the stove.

9. Do not install the refrigerator next to the cookware. Otherwise, the refrigerator will consume more power to maintain the cold due to the high temperature.

10. The countertops next to the oven and gas stove should be empty to accommodate hot woks and dishes.

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