How To Design The Kitchen Cabinet?

- Dec 28, 2018 -

How to Design the Kitchen Cabinet?

Different use and living habits determine the layout of the kitchen, and reasonable planning can save time and effort and improve the quality of life. Create your own exclusive kitchen with different combinations of functions.

First, the kitchen operation three major items of washing and cutting, constitute the work triangle, how to cooperate with the connection is essential.

The working triangle is divided into three parts: cooking area, washing area and storage area.

According to different functions, it can be divided into five functional partitions.

1. Food storage area of kitchen cabinets: storage area for food such as refrigerator, food, rice flour, etc.;

2. Kitchenware storage area of kitchen cabinets: tableware, cups, cooking gadgets, crisper can be stored and stored centrally;

3. Cleaning area of kitchen cabinets: the area where the sink is located. The kitchen cabinets below the sink are mostly installed and stored in water purifiers, kitchen treasures (ie, hot water heaters), washing supplies, garbage bins, etc., and cannot be used as food storage;

4. Preparation area of kitchen cabinets: Most of the kitchen's operation needs to be realized here, such as cutting vegetables, preparing vegetables, noodles, finishing, etc., and you can put common tools on the wall or table to facilitate access;

5. Cooking/baked area of kitchen cabinets: In the area where the cooktop is located, if the space permits, cooking utensils such as ovens, microwave ovens, and pan utensils can be stored here. With the demand for the kitchen, combined with your own living habits, you can follow the above functions.

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