How To Design A Kitchen Cabinet For A Small Apartment?

- Aug 29, 2018 -

How to Design a Kitchen Cabinet for a Small Apartment?

The so-called a space, two magical uses. It’s probably about changing the kitchen and designing custom kitchen cabinets. Especially for small units, there is not enough room to design the kitchen cabinet. You can use the balcony, living room and other spaces to transform. A good kitchen can not only change the embarrassing phenomenon, but also enhance personal taste.

” -shaped kitchen cabinet layout

If the kitchen is a small and narrow type, it is only as large as a wall. There is no way to expand it. You can choose to use a flat-shaped custom kitchen cabinet layout. When you enter the ground, you can use up and down the space, enough for a small family. used!

L-shaped kitchen cabinet layout

This layout is suitable for a slightly larger long kitchen. L can divide the area into electrical areas, cut-out areas, cooking areas, placement areas, reasonable distribution, and more comfortable everyday use!

U-shaped kitchen cabinet layout

The smaller, square-shaped kitchen is suitable for such kitchen cabinet layouts, allowing more appliances and kitchen utensils to be included. A few people will not feel narrow when they cook together.

Two-line kitchen cabinet layout

Usually, the aisle kitchen with the kitchen door in the middle is suitable for the layout of the bilinear kitchen cabinet. If the kitchen is large, the guide can be placed parallel to the wall and can also be arranged in a double line. This layout has the same layout and high space utilization.

Corner shaped kitchen cabinet design

How do you design a kitchen cabinet with a different shape? I believe that most of the owners are helpless. If your kitchen is so shaped, you can do it according to this case, and you can use the corner space to design the corner shelf, which is not only convenient for some common items. The storage is also very convenient to use.

Balcony change kitchen

Only two bedrooms, no owners of the kitchen, is not particularly troublesome, the omnipotent designer can also be born out of nothing, change the small balcony into a kitchen, the effect can make you unexpected!

Restaurant and kitchen merge

The size of the apartment is so small that it is too small to separate the dining room from the kitchen. It is designed in such a way that the storage card holder + small kitchen, the card holder is a chair, and also a locker. The small long table in the middle can be a table. You can also pick up washed vegetables and use one table!

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