How To Decorate The Kitchen

- Apr 23, 2018 -

How to decorate the kitchen?

1. Kitchen wall and floor

The kitchen is used as a "smoke ground" and the wall surface is well maintained. Easy to clean materials, compared to paint, fire board, tiles should be the most practical kitchen material selection, the ground is to choose to prevent moisture slip.

2. Kitchen lighting

The lighting of the kitchen consists of two parts: one is the lighting of the kitchen as a whole, and the other is the lighting of washing, meal preparation, etc. Try not to choose colorful lights to influence the judgment of the colors.

3. Kitchen circuit

The circuit in the kitchen is particularly concerned that because the kitchen uses water every day for fire, it must not be exposed. It must go dark to prevent fire.

4. Whole kitchen Cabinet

The position of the cabinet should be marked on the map when it is used as a plan. Because it takes time for the cabinets to be produced, these preparations should be done well in advance to avoid the troubles during the renovation.

5. Kitchen ceiling

The ceiling of the kitchen must be installed with waterproof material, and the ceiling can be directly connected to the ceiling, because the ceiling easily condenses water vapor and fumes.

6. Kitchen floor drain and sink cabinet

If possible, floor drains or sinks can be controlled on the central floor of the kitchen to facilitate the cleaning of the kitchen floor in the future, taking care that the kitchen floor has a certain slope.

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