How To Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

- Aug 01, 2018 -

How to custom kitchen cabinets?

1, The countertop of kitchen cabinets

Because the countertop needs to bear relatively heavy things, it is recommended to use reinforced concrete as a shelf first. Of course, some people use stainless steel as a shelf to lay the tiles. However, the difficulty of drilling holes on the tiles is relatively high, and some people use granite as a countertop. There is a certain amount of radiation, and stainless steel is not fashionable, so We thinks that marble is a good choice.


2, hanging kitchen cabinet

At the time of production, it is necessary to see if he can directly insert the brick into the wall to form a kitchen cabinet without a door. For the door, it is recommended to use a frosted aluminum door frame with a frosted glass in the middle. If wood is used, 15cm Malaysia is used. Splint or Fuhan large core board, with 0.8 imported high-quality fireproof board, kitchen cabinet door frosted aluminum alloy door frame, middle set frosted glass, aluminum alloy special door hinge.

3, the floor kitchen cabinet

In order to have sufficient sturdiness and a certain anti-seismic effect, it is recommended to use a white brick body as the frame, a box aluminum alloy for the door hinge, a magnetic sheet veneer, a reinforced concrete table for the footrest, and a movable layer. The board and a small number of drawers, the door is made of frosted aluminum alloy frame, the center is set with frosted glass, this structure kitchen cabinet does not rot.


It’s good to make kitchen cabinets or buy whole kitchen cabinets.

1. Generally speaking, if you make your own kitchen cabinet, the board and hardware accessories used are relatively common, it is difficult to resist the humidity, high temperature and corrosiveness in the kitchen, while the professional whole kitchen cabinet is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and moisture. The high-grade fireproof board is not easy to be deformed and damaged, and it is easy to clean, so the professionally produced kitchen cabinets have a longer life.


2. For the self-made kitchen cabinet, it is usually carried out during the decoration, and the woodworker does not know much about the various needs of such products, so the process is inevitably rough, and the kitchen cabinets produced by the manufacturers are all industrialized. From cutting, polishing to installation, there are strict specifications, and the product process is of course far superior to the "self-product".

3. Most of the homemade kitchen cabinets have only basic storage functions, but they are not considered in all aspects of picking and placing of articles, and the whole kitchen cabinets produced by professional manufacturers are considered in the functional design, sinks, stoves, pumping. The range hoods are designed to be embedded and beautiful; the drawers are all mounted on the slide rails, and the weight is light; the use of various functional accessories can maximize the use of space and facilitate access.


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