How To Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

- Jul 05, 2018 -

How to Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

First, the thickness of the cabinet plate material should be clear

The amount of plates used in cabinets is considerable, plus the kitchen, the space is relatively hot and humid, suitable for formaldehyde, so the environmental protection of the cabinet is very important. If the budget is limited, but often go to the kitchen, it is recommended to use fireproof panels or double veneers. The thickness of the plate varies greatly. The cost of 18mm thick is 16% higher than that of 16mm thick plate. The service life of the 18mm thick plate can be more than doubled to ensure that the door plate is not deformed and the table top is not cracked. Therefore, don't just look at the samples in the exhibition hall. The details must be clearly communicated with the manufacturers and designers.

Second, whether the cabinet is individually packaged and installed

Generally, four connectors are required to be connected between the cabinets to ensure the tightness between the cabinets. In order to save installation costs, some cabinet manufacturers use poor quality self-tapping screws to connect. Self-tapping screws not only affect the appearance of the cabinet, but also lock the cabinet from one end, and the connection is not high. When you buy the whole cabinet, you should ask whether the cabinet is installed independently or in the whole. The service life and stability of the two cabinets are 2-3 times different, and the cost difference is 5%. Consumers can be identified by packaging and cabinets. If separate cabinets are assembled, each cabinet should have a separate package.

Third, the use of glue or hardware in the assembly method

In addition to the correct use of adhesives, the cabinet joints should be connected by hardware. The kitchen wall, the hanging kitchen, the cabinet door and the inner door are edged, and the thin plate is used to avoid falling off and shrinking; the material used for the drawer bottom is thicker than other parts. Generally, small factories or hand-made on-site can only be connected by screw rivets or glue. The third-generation box-rod structure and fixing parts and quick-loading parts are adopted to more effectively ensure the firmness and the bearing capacity of the box body, and the binder is less used, which is more environmentally friendly.

Fourth, the installation method of the aluminum foil in the sink cabinet Do not glue between the cooktop and the panel to facilitate inspection. However, the sealing performance of the once-pressed water tank cabinet is more intact, water and moisture are not easily penetrated, and the cabinet body is more effectively protected, and the service life of the cabinet is prolonged. The method of bonding the aluminum foil board of the sink cabinet is that the bottom plate needs one side without tri-fold paper. It was hot pressed for 2 hours, melted, and then cooled for 12 hours. The effect was particularly good. The glue uses imported milk white glue, such as Henkel, the hot pressing temperature is about 100 degrees.

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