How To Choose The Whole Kitchen Cabinet

- Oct 11, 2018 -

How to choose the whole kitchen cabinet

Method 1: Plate quality is very important

Look at the quality of the board, the edge should be smooth, delicate, feel good, the joint is fine, horizontal and vertical, evenly coated. The brand products use a straight edge banding machine to complete the steps of edge sealing, broken head, trimming, chamfering and polishing. The pressure of the sealing edge is stable, and the precision of the processing size can be adjusted to the most suitable part to ensure the most accurate size. And the quality is stable, unlike the quality of the workshop, the quality of the small factory is completely determined by the craftsmanship and working conditions of the master. The small factory is glued with a brush, artificially pressed and edged, trimmed with a wallpaper knife, and polished with a manual polishing machine. Due to uneven pressure, many places are not strong, and it is easy to open the glue in the future, and the glue is not environmentally friendly and emits harmful gases.

Method 2: Perforation level relationship box structure firmness

The panel furniture is assembled by three-in-one connector. It is necessary to make a lot of positioning holes on the board. The matching and precision of the hole position will affect the structural rigidity of the kitchen cabinet. Professional manufacturers use a multi-row drill to complete one board edge and board at a time. All the holes on the surface, the positioning standard is unified, the size is guaranteed, and the small factory uses the row drill or the hand drill to gradually punch holes, otherwise it is easy to produce relatively large errors.

Method 3: Cutting board has high precision

The opening of the sheet is also a very important procedure. The professional large factory uses the electronic cutting saw to input the processing size through the computer. The size and precision are controlled by the computer, and several plates are processed at one time. The specifications are uniform, the tolerance is small, stable, and the edge of the plate does not collapse. If the small factory does Not enough of these requirements.

Method 4: The choice of the door panel is critical

The door panel is the face of the kitchen cabinet. The good door panel is bright and bright. It is not easy to be deformed by moisture. It is not easy to fade. It is not easy to open the drum at the edge. It is not easy to infiltrate the stains and oil stains, and it is not easy to scratch and burn.

Method 5: Assembly effect of the whole set of kitchen cabinets

Any error in the size of the production process will cause the assembled kitchen cabinet to have obvious discomfort on the door panel. The door panel should be horizontal and vertical, the gap between the door panels will be uniform and uniform, and the panels will look neat and tidy.

Method six: look at the slide rails of the drawer

This is an important link that affects the future use. The quality of the hardware of the kitchen cabinet directly affects the future use, and it is also an important part of the price of the kitchen cabinet.

Whole kitchen cabinet customization considerations

1. Due to the phenomenon of moisture and mildew on the back sheet after single-side sealing, it is also easy to release formaldehyde and cause indoor pollution. It is best to do double-sided sealing.

2, the environmental protection of the kitchen cabinet board is very important, it is recommended to use fire board or double veneer panel, about the thickness of the board, 18mm thick sheet is 16% higher than the 16mm thick sheet. The service life is greatly increased.

3, the use of anti-mite mute edge kitchen cabinet in the development of the whole kitchen cabinet, not only can eliminate noise, but also prevent cockroaches and other insects from entering the kitchen cabinet.

4, do not only care about the price and style of the product, whether to provide quality after-sales service is the performance of the manufacturers, many small factories are very cheap, but the warranty is very short or there is no warranty, there are problems can be reasonably resolved.

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