How To Choose The High Quality Kitchen Cabinets?

- Sep 08, 2018 -

How to Choose the High Quality Kitchen Cabinets?

1, about the material

(1) Melamine board

Melamine board, referred to as tricyan board, full name melamine impregnated film paper veneer wood-based panel. The paper with different colors or textures is immersed in a melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of solidification, and laid on a surface of a particleboard, a medium density fiberboard or a hard fiberboard, and hot pressed. In choosing this type of panel furniture, in addition to the satisfaction of color and texture, the appearance quality can be distinguished from several aspects. Whether there are stains, scratches, indentations, voids, whether the color luster is uniform, whether there is a bubbling appearance, whether there is a partial paper tear or a missing appearance.

(2) Blister board

Blister board is PVC, also known as high polymer. It is called non-defective sheet in foreign countries, also called plastic board. The substrate is a MDF, the exterior is vacuum-blended or a seamless PVC film forming technology is used, which is a very sophisticated kitchen cabinet material. The door panel does not need to be edged at normal scale, and is waterproof, moisture proof, hardness and flexibility. The plastic door panel is rich in color, the wood grain is vivid, the monochrome color is pure, the crack is not cracked, the scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance and fade resistance are the most sophisticated kitchen cabinet materials, and the maintenance is simple.

(3) metal door panel

The metal texture is constructed as a metal plate or a metal plate which is specially oxidized, finely polished and polished to form a dense maintenance layer on the medium density board. The technology is similar to the West German board. The difference is that the West Germany board is processed twice (fireproof board veneer), while the metal quality door board is directly processed and formed. The metal door panel has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and simple maintenance, fine lines, easy to organize and long life. Following the prevalence of metal fashion, this high-grade metal door panel has an aluminum-finished convex-concave panel, which is now the most advanced door panel.

2, about style

(1) A type of kitchen cabinet, which is placed against the wall, a straight line, mainly for users who are relatively small in the kitchen and who are not very demanding in the kitchen.

(2) L-shaped kitchen cabinets are L-shaped, that is, one more corner, this kitchen cabinet can make full use of the structure of the kitchen to achieve more functions, and will add a lot of fun to life. It is a popular and common design.

(3) U-shaped kitchen cabinets, which are popular in foreign countries, and are gradually becoming popular in China. The requirements of such kitchen cabinets are that the kitchens are large, beautiful, convenient and practical.

(4) Two-shaped kitchen cabinets, which are actually two rows of kitchen cabinets against the wall. It is generally designed according to the characteristics of the kitchen. For example, some kitchens are the same as the corridors, so it is better to adopt this design.

3, on the color matching

(1) White kitchen cabinet door

The white-based kitchen cabinet doors are simple and clean, which is a good choice for those who like clean and quiet environment, but the white kitchen cabinet doors are not dirty, and after a period of time, they may be old, so in Take a little more thought on maintenance.

(2) Gray kitchen cabinet door

Many friends who like gray door panels like a calm life. Generally, gray emphasizes modernity and individuality. It is the color of people who love life, and the gray kitchen cabinet door can give people a pure and fresh feeling.

(3) Red kitchen cabinet door

The red kitchen cabinets are full of joy, many people with strong personality and bold people like the red kitchen cabinets, but the red kitchen cabinets have higher requirements for the decoration of the houses, so the color of the kitchen decoration must be matched with the kitchen cabinets, otherwise the red kitchen cabinets will be very awkward.

(4) Blue kitchen cabinet door

It is a dreamy color, always clear, romantic feeling, the color of the kitchen cabinet door in the home will be more pure and lovely, and make people think. Under the shade of nature, blue is more fresh and elegant, rich in decorative taste. According to color psychology, watching blue more will make people feel emotionally stable, thinking more rationally, especially suitable for white-collar workers.

4, about style

(1) Modern style

Modern style is the most popular. Every country and every brand will introduce modern styles in a timely manner. Italian kitchen utensils are highly praised for their modern design and high-quality kitchen utensils. Clean, more color-oriented, from bright red, yellow, purple to bright blue, green and other colors are applied. This style is also easier to match with other spaces. It is unconstrained and the requirements for decorative materials are not high, which may be the reason why it is widely popular.

(2) avant-garde style

Avant-garde young people pursue unconventionality. They chose the most popular textures of the year in terms of materials. For example, in 2000, glass and metal were accepted in time, and they conveyed fashionable information in a clever mix.

(3) Pragmatism

Families who do not often cook will choose a more practical style. In the configuration, only the basic base kitchen cabinet is used as the storage area, and the main equipment such as oven, stove, and range hood is used to complete the relatively complete cooking process. The sink is usually omitted to save space. This style emphasizes practical and concise features.

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