How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets(1)

- Jan 05, 2019 -

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen cabinet is the soul of the kitchen, and it is also a piece of furniture that costs a lot of furniture. Therefore, it is very important to choose the kitchen cabinet.

Plan the kitchen cabinet first, then decorate the kitchen

More importantly, after the decoration, the kitchen cabinets are easily fixed, and it is easy to cause the kitchen cabinets to be inconvenient to cooperate with the gas, water and electricity. Therefore, before the renovation, it is necessary to start to order the kitchen cabinet, ask the kitchen cabinet merchant to measure the size at home, and determine the style and model of the kitchen cabinet.

When designing the kitchen cabinet, pay attention to the ratio of the kitchen cabinet to the kitchen cabinet is not more than 1:1.3; the distance between the kitchen cabinet and the kitchen cabinet is about 650-700mm.

What materials are selected in the kitchen cabinet?

Cost-effective recommendation: quartz stone countertop + panel kitchen cabinet / aluminum alloy frame embedded tile kitchen cabinet / quartz stone (gang stone) kitchen cabinet

Recommended for home mines: brand stainless steel countertop + stainless steel kitchen cabinet

Low budget recommendation: natural stone countertop + stone kitchen cabinet / brick kitchen cabinet

Yan value control recommendation: quartz stone countertop / solid wood countertop + panel kitchen cabinet + solid wood kitchen cabinet door

Countertop purchase

There are many kinds of countertops in the kitchen cabinet, there is no special limit on the choice, mainly depends on the cooking habits of your home, just choose the right one.

1 solid wood countertop: suitable for people who want to look at the value and texture of the home.

2 Refractory board countertop: the price is more affordable than solid wood, but it is not resistant to hot, not dirty, not recommended.

3 tempered glass countertop: the visual effect is smooth and transparent, but the texture is general, not recommended.

4 natural stone countertops: there are two kinds of marble and granite. Easy to bleed but cheap, it is recommended to choose dark.

5 quartz stone countertops: the most mainstream products at present, the quality is uneven.

6 stainless steel countertops: expensive, strong metal texture, durable, scratched old problems, suitable for families with simple wind and industrial style.

kitchen cabinet purchase

The kitchen cabinet supports the countertops and the kitchen cabinet doors, which are usually hidden and have low requirements on the value of the face. As for support, as long as it is not a big move such as cutting big bones, the basic materials on the market can be chosen.

1 sheet: The key is to seal the edge, good sealing will not only make the kitchen cabinet last longer, but also effectively reduce the emission of formaldehyde gas.

2 granite and quartz stone: affordable, long service life, but looks dirty and looks old-fashioned.

3 brick + tile kitchen cabinet: the highest stability, if you have a big action to cut bones, you can give priority to this.

4 aluminum alloy frame with tiled kitchen cabinet: also has seams, but if the aluminum profile is chosen well, the durability is also good.

5 stainless steel (aluminum alloy) kitchen cabinet: sturdy, life-saving comparable to tiles, and easy to clean, antibacterial, but the price is very expensive.

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