How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets?

- Jul 25, 2018 -

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets?

1. About fireproof board is fireproof

There is no real fire protection for any material. This material is only a certain degree of fire resistance, not really fireproof. Therefore, the name of the fire board is not rigorous, the correct name should be "fireproof board." It should be noted that the refractory board should be marked with time resistance to open flames. In the fire-resistance time standard, the open flame barbecue can only produce black soot that can be wiped off without chemical reaction.

2. distinguish between moisture and water

Moisture resistance is not equal to waterproofing. The moisture resistance of the board is caused by the penetration of moisture-proofing agent into the board substrate. The moisture-proofing agent is colorless, and the manufacturer adds a green or red pigment as a recognition mark in order to distinguish it from the ordinary plate. It is important to note that the moisture barrier does not have any effect on the waterproof properties of the board itself.

3. formaldehyde standard must be seen

When you buy a cabinet, the amount of formaldehyde released is an important indicator. The cabinet is at least 1/3 of the size of the kitchen, and its main raw material is wood-based panels. If the material is not up to standard, there will be pollution. In addition, if the kitchen uses an open flame, the high temperature will accelerate the evaporation of harmful substances. Therefore, the site sealing should be minimized. China's wood-based panel formaldehyde regulations are dry plates (less than or equal to 9 mg / 100 grams) but there is another standard in China, that is, after the surface treatment of wood-based panels, the formaldehyde content is allowed to be 30 mg.

4. countertop identification

Many consumers like to use quartz stone as the countertop of the cabinet. Due to the characteristics of the quartz stone itself, it determines its high temperature resistance. The temperature below 300 degrees Celsius will not affect it, that is, it will not deform and Breaking, and quartz stone is a non-radiative product, has no adverse effects on the body, quartz stone raw materials are non-radiative quartz, and quartz stone is made of 94% quartz and 6% resin, hardness up to 7 degrees, taste Small, hard and durable. Therefore, when selecting the whole countertop, try to choose quartz stone countertops to ensure product quality and health and safety.

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