How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet(2)

- Jan 07, 2019 -

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets(2)

kitchen cabinet door purchase

If the kitchen cabinet is a strength, then the door is an idol.

As for the specific purchase, as the value of the kitchen cabinet, the selection of the door mainly depends on the value of the face, and then look at the edge, no matter what material, the edge is handled well, the door will not have the possibility of damp.

Specifically, when purchasing, observe whether the position of the sealing edge is tightly combined, and rubbing it with your hand to see if the sealing edge will be deformed.

Finally, look at the details on the back of the kitchen cabinet door, especially the location of the hardware connectors, such as the hinges. This will be the key to life, don't ignore it.

Hardware purchase

Hardware directly affects the service life of the kitchen cabinet. It is recommended to look at the hardware brand used when selecting the kitchen cabinet.

When purchasing hardware, it is necessary to test its performance on the spot. Generally, the heavier the weight, the better the sound. The better the sound is, the better the plating surface is.

Other hardware accessories such as slide rails, pneumatic support, pull baskets, etc. can refer to the hinge method to see the appearance, sound, weight and weight bearing to judge the quality.

Don't forget to check after installing the kitchen cabinet

Buying a kitchen cabinet is not a matter of ordering. After the installation is completed, it is considered to be the end of the “purchase”.

How to check?

1. Look at the installed countertops, kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinet doors, hardware fittings, edge seals, and color models, whether they are consistent with the ordering contract, and avoid "the civet cats change the Prince";

2. Install the rear door panel and the kitchen cabinet body if there is scratches and paint. If it is necessary to repair it, it cannot be repaired and it needs to be replaced.

3. Switch the door several times to see if the hinge is closed tightly; whether the slide rail is smooth and easy to use;

4. At the junction of the countertop and the wall, do you completely cover the gap when you are glued?

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