How To Calculate The Kitchen Cabinet​ Size?

- Apr 24, 2018 -

How To Calculate The Kitchen Cabinet Size?

1. The floor kitchen cabinet, in terms of kitchen cabinet design, the size of the kitchen cabinet kitchen cabinet and the size of the countertop sink are related. From an ergonomic point of view, the height of kitchen cabinet kitchen cabinets should be controlled within a range of 780mm, and the sink size should be controlled within a range of 470mm X 880mm.

2. Hanging kitchen cabinets, in order to increase the kitchen storage space, in the design of kitchen kitchen cabinets, generally also design a set of kitchen cabinets to store kitchen debris. The distance between the wall kitchen cabinet and the cooking table should be kept at 55cm or more so as to avoid hitting the head when people are in the kitchen. The height of the kitchen kitchen cabinets is generally around 50cm to 60cm. If they are too high, they will not be able to use the space effectively. If they are too short, they will not play a good role in storage. In order to facilitate daily use, the width of the kitchen cabinet is generally no more than 70cm, and the depth is generally about 30cm to 45cm.

3. The door panels and kitchen cabinet door panels can be said to be the “face” of the entire kitchen cabinet. Common kitchen cabinet door panel sizes can be controlled within 200 mm to 600 mm. The size of kitchen cabinet door panels is controlled within a range of 500 mm to 700 mm.

4. Kitchen cabinet drawers greatly enhance the storage capacity of the kitchen cabinet storage, drawer size standard control in 300 mm - 1000 mm can be, need to use invisible slide or riding pumping. If the size of the drawer is a small drawer of 300mm-700mm, then the kitchen cabinet drawer will use the ordinary three-section slide.

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