How Much Is The Best Choice For Kitchen Cabinet Height?

- Apr 13, 2018 -

How Much Is The Best Choice For Kitchen Cabinet Height?

1. In general, the workbench is divided into high and low levels: the high size is 890-9l0mm, which is the size commonly used in Western countries; the low size is 810-840mm, which is commonly used in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

2. Some kitchen cabinets can adjust the foot to make the table to a suitable scale. Workbench to the end of the kitchen cabinet, the high size is 600mm; low size is 500mm. Kitchen cabinet layout and the height of the table should be suitable for the height of the housewife.

3. With two-seater stove height 600mm, stove set on the double-head furnace, plus 150mm or 200mm, with the 8l0mm high work surface is roughly level. If the stove is higher than 600mm, the housewife will feel inconvenient when cooking. If using a flat oven (four burners, furnace kitchen cabinets), the oven surface height should be 890mm and the stove bench should be deep cut 10mm, at least not less than 460mm. When the place is large, it is desirable to use 600mm. The height of the range hood should make the furnace to The distance from the bottom of the machine is 750mm. If the refrigerator is cooling in the back, leave 50mm on both sides and 250mm on the top. Otherwise, the heat dissipation will be slow, which will affect the function of the refrigerator.

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