Home Retailer B & Q 15 Years Experience In China

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Home retailer B & Q 15 years experience in China .


June 18, 1999, Shanghai Hutai Road, 1800 milky white building body, orange "B & Q" Logo will be clearly visible. In order to celebrate the opening, the banners of "China's No.1 store" and "496th globe" in orange-yellow font on white are decorated on both sides of the signboard. At the same time, the meaning of "people living and working in peace," the name of B & Q, appeared for the first time in mainland China.


A report by Merrill Lynch Bank in March 2017 indicated that Kingfisher, the parent company of B & Q, may further sell its lossy stores in China and return the cash to the shareholders. The news came out, even triggered Kingfisher shares rose.

Fifteen years later, the British home-retail giant has been expanding at a very rapid rate in the Chinese market. With over 25 cities and 63 stores, the British retail giant lost money and closed more than 20 stores in a bid to maintain it.

It did not "run away" after facing a loss like Home Depot, nor was it able to temporarily survive as IKEA pushed down prices through global sourcing. B & Q China After experiencing the leadership exchange of blood and the "B & Q China Revival Plan," its sales model is still not recognized by Chinese consumers and continues to suffer losses and lawsuits.

In an interview with reporters from the China Market Department at B & Q, spokesman Zhou Qiong said, "B & Q believes the Chinese market is huge and we play an important role in it."

"As a home-based retailer, we work hard to meet the needs of our customers to grow sales while developing sustainable and profitable business models, both of which are our focus." But at its parent company, Kingfisher, perhaps It is imperative to find a partner in China.

According to Nigel Cope, director of media relations at Kingfisher's UK headquarters, to reporters, B & Q China will replicate the joint venture model that Kingfisher carried out in Turkey. A few months ago, the relevant partners were looking for jobs Expand.

This strategy, or indicate that Kingfisher Group will be part of the domestic enterprises to transfer B & Q China equity.

"Decline" of B & Q

Bijian Beijing Sijiqing store in Beijing, the original two-story business area has now been reduced to a layer; previously developed soft packs now only rely on the package, curtains and the like, occupy a small area; tile brand only the champion , Marco Polo and other domestic brands.

Official data show that B & Q has more than 2,600 kinds of special sales brand products. B & Q will also continue to expand its sales of specialty brand products, these products "have an international design background, and only Bailianju exclusive sales." The development of its own brand strategy, it is precisely in a large number of brands after the withdrawal of B & Q began to rise.

It seems the city of Tianjin Environmental Products Promotion Association Zhang Yuncheng, B & Q mode in China acclimatized or its "declining" the main reason.

"From a global perspective, B & Q mode and no problem, but for Chinese consumers, too far ahead, at least for now does not meet the Chinese consumer habits." Zhang Yuncheng pointed out that the local Red Star Macalline, actually far from home B & Q by consumers welcome.

Repeated exposure and complaints, a decline in the image of B & Q is the most important factor.

In the public comment online Shanghai 12 B & Q stores, due to poor service attitude, high prices, quality problems hit the "one star" the lowest score of up to 69 reviews, most of the reviews are concentrated in the "two stars", " Samsung. " The data of 12315 Command Center of Guangzhou Administration of Industry and Commerce show that in 2013, nearly 70 consumers filed complaints against B & Q. Complaints mainly related to the number of false materials, quality is not pass and delay the construction period.

Mark Tran, the British Guardian correspondent who interviewed BJAM in Beijing during his heyday in China in 2007, pointed out at the time that although first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai could achieve better results, City, B & Q must face the strong competition of local home brand enterprises.

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