Hinge & Slide Rail Of Kitchen Kitchen Cabinet

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Hinge & Slide Rail of Kitchen cabinet



(1) Features

In the process of frequent switching of kitchen cabinet doors, the hinges are probably the ones that are the most tested. Not only does it need to accurately connect the kitchen cabinet and the door, but it also bears the weight of the door alone, and the kitchen cabinet door can be opened and closed as many as tens of thousands of times, and the consistency of the door arrangement must be maintained, otherwise it may be after some time. Forward and backward. If you do not have a "reinforced iron bone" and perfect flexibility, it is difficult to assume this responsibility. Among the world's high-quality brands, Italy's FGV, Ferrari, Hettich, Salice, Blum and Grasse belonged to the first camp. FGV has excellent performance as a top brand. Its steel thickness, high base, long arm length, and free positioning have no displacement. In a destructive experiment, the weight was 5 kg from the hinge at a distance of 10 cm, and the switch was switched on for 3 seconds. Up to 80,000 times. With such a strong body, no matter how severe the test is, it will naturally be easy.

(2) Select

The current hinge generally has two card slots and three card slots, which can basically meet the needs of use. Of course, the three-point card hinge has better hinges. Most of the hinges currently seen on the market are detachable, and are divided into two parts: a base and a buckle. When selecting a kitchen cabinet, a salesman may be required to remove the door together with a hinged buckle to check the inside of the buckle.

The hinged steel is the most important. If it is not selected well, after a period of time, the door panel may tilt forward and slip off the shoulder. Most of the brand's kitchen cabinet hardware uses cold-rolled steel, and its thickness and toughness are perfect.

In addition, multiple-positioning hinges should be selected as much as possible. The so-called multi-point positioning means that the door panel can stay at any angle when it is opened, and opening will not be laborious, nor will it be suddenly closed, so as to ensure the safety of use, which is particularly important for lifting kitchen cabinet doors. Positioning is related to the toughness of the reeds used in the hardware. The quality of the reeds also determines the opening angle of the door. Good reeds can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees.

Slide rail


(1) Features

The inside of the slide rail, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, is its bearing structure, and this part directly relates to its bearing capacity. At present, there are both steel ball slides and silicon wheel slides on the market. The former automatically removes dust and dirt on the slide rails through the rolling of the steel balls so as to ensure the cleanliness of the slide rails, without affecting the sliding function due to dirt entering the interior. At the same time, the steel ball can spread the force around, ensuring the stability of the drawer horizontally and vertically. The debris generated during the long-term use and friction of the silicon wheel slide is snow flakes, and can also be rolled up by rolling, which also does not affect the sliding of the drawer.

(2) Select

The drawer is an integral part of the kitchen equipment, and the most important part of the entire drawer is the slide. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, the low quality slide feels good even in the short term. Difficulties. When selected, the drawer can be completely withdrawn, the structure of the drawer can be clearly seen from the bottom and the specific structure of the part in contact with the slide rail, and the thickness of the drawer side panel can also be observed. Well-known brand kitchen cabinet manufacturers generally use better quality slides. The huge 1.8-meter-long drawer, full of items can also be restored with just a push, light and no sense of astringent, it shows the reliability of its slide quality.

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