Haier Kitchen Acquired Qingdao LIXIL

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Haier Kitchen acquired Qingdao LIXIL


On December 23, Qingdao Haier Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haier Kitchen") issued a public announcement on the acquisition of Li Zhuhai Haier Housing and Construction Facilities (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Li Haier" ) 51% of the shares, the total transaction size of 446 million yuan.


If you pay attention to the development of the industry, it is not difficult to see the custom home become a hot topic this year, many businesses are from the wardrobe or cabinet turned to do custom home, capital and attention rush, on December 23, Qingdao Haier kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. issued a public announcement to acquire a 51% stake in Li-Haier Residential Construction (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. held by Li-Sum Co., Ltd. with a total transaction size of 446 million yuan. It is noteworthy that the announcement also states that after the acquisition of Li live Haier will also reorganize the entire custom department, the introduction of a new brand Haier home.


Previously, Haier Kitchen holds the remaining 49% stake in Li Haier. After the transaction is completed, Li live Haier will become the sole proprietorship of Haier Kitchen. Among them, Li live in Japan Li live the main subsidiary of the group. After the transaction, Haier kitchen will continue to attach importance to the cooperation with Japan Li Live Group, and carry out multi-dimensional exchanges in the kitchen industry.


Before the announcement of this news, Haier home appliances in the field of home appliances focused on the layout of the kitchen, the focus of the expansion in the kitchen appliances market in 2016 Haier Casablanca kitchen appliances sales growth of more than 50%, kitchen electricity revenue growth of 45% %.


Haier's strong offensive can not do without its two global mergers and acquisitions. Last year, Haier acquired US GE's home appliance business. GE is the United States first brand kitchen appliances, through the acquisition, Haier quickly won the US market share of high-end kitchen appliances. A few years ago, Haier also acquired New Zealand Fei Xue Parker, the brand influence of these two brands, R & D strength of technology have been confiscated as Haier, Haier has greatly enhanced the research and development of hoods, stoves and new product development Capacity, but also help Haier to open up overseas kitchen electric market, kitchen and electric appliances have become a strategic business in Haier.


The acquisition of Li live Haier, Haier kitchen will not only in kitchen appliances and home appliances products force will be re-established the entire custom department, launched a new brand Haier home, and in 2018 plans to open a new 400 stores across the country , Get online and offline. For this acquisition, Li Sanxiao, general manager of Haier's kitchen, said that through this transaction, Haier's kitchen will simplify the decision-making process and speed up the implementation of important measures under the "big kitchen" strategy.


Because custom home is not a simple combination of products, but digging deeply consumer demand, creating private high-end living space, it has been a lot of consumers, but also to meet the needs of consumers. At the same time, "one-stop shopping, to meet the individual needs, style and rational use of space ... ..." more and more whole-house custom brand appears, and occupy the major home stores in the golden position, many of whom are cabinets, , Wooden doors and other building materials, furniture products started brand.


However, how to seize the opportunity and make timely investment in the tailor-made bonus period is also a test of the vision and courage of the company. How far the customized bonus period can go is also closely linked to the development of the enterprise.


With the giant "Haier" into the kitchen from the kitchen into the field of custom, the future, the whole custom area of the Red Sea will only burn more prosperous.

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