Haier Four Products Win The World's First

- Dec 28, 2017 -

2013 Euromonitor Global Market Research Data released recently, Haier once again won the world's largest brand of home appliances, the global share of total retail brand share of 9.7%. In the sub-product line market, Haier refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, wine cooler four brands retains the highest volume were ranked first in the world, leading the further expansion. At this point, Haier received a total of 10 world first.


Haier four major categories in the world


Euromonitor data show that Haier in the refrigerator, washing machines, wine cooler, freezer four brands of brand retail volume has been reelected for many years in a row, and the share of increasing year by year. Among them, the Haier refrigerator is the sixth reelection in the world, leading the second place 10 percentage points; Haier washing machine fifth reelected the world's first brand washing machine; Haier wine cooler to achieve the world's first "four consecutive championships" Haier freezer also Three won the world's first crown.


Haier four categories of products the world's first lead to expand


This result has drawn widespread media attention in various countries in the world. Once the Euromonitor data was released, the Boston Globe delivered a special report on the incident. Reuters, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Herald, MarketWatch, and the Chase Bank Information Website all reproduced.


Analysis of relevant persons that in the rapidly changing and highly competitive Internet age, for enterprises, to achieve the world's first is not an easy thing, and Haier not only to achieve the world's largest home appliance brand "five consecutive championships," its The four major categories at the same time become the world champion, which shows its leading competitiveness in the Internet age, but also caused the world media "onlookers" an important reason.

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