Green Storm Escalating, A Plate Is Hard To Find?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Green storm escalating, a plate is hard to find?

In 2017, the environmental protection policy will continue to be deterred. From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, the Central Government Environmental Protection Inspector has found that the situation of "environmental protection and clean-up" has intensified and environmental protection requirements for sheet metal enterprises have also been gradually raised. That is, environmental protection facilities and waste Emission to compliance, the "small scattered mess" plate enterprises must be firmly shut down banned, in autumn and winter to achieve peak peak production suspension, etc., many sheet metal enterprises were stopped affected by the suspension.

From April to November part of the sheet metal industry shutdown news, as follows:

On April 13, Jia Song Town, Jia Song Town, Hebei Province, took measures to "clean up" the plate polluting enterprises of 47 villages in the area and took "two cuts and three clear" measures to stop 127 plate polluting enterprises.

From April to September, Wen'an County in Hebei Province conducted a comprehensive renovation of Zuogezhuang Town, Daliuhe Town, Tanli Town, Wen'an Economic Development Zone and other towns and villages involving plywood industry to ban all illegalities that do not meet environmental requirements Illegal business. As of July, a total of more than 2,000 wood-based panel companies were shut down, 1,250 coal-fired boilers were dismantled, more than 5,000 flattering plants, powder mills, and split board mills were removed. All shutting down, All businesses shut down.

In May, the Jinyuan District of Taiyuan shut down 129 wood processing plants and woody plants and affixed seals. Among them, 90 were completely banned and the remaining procedures were incomplete or there was no environmental protection facilities.

The end of August, after Shanghai Fengxian illegal wood processing enterprises have completed the rectification, of which 954 were shut down, 577 have been removed.

In September, according to the "Nanxun District Wood Industry Environmental Pollution Special Action Plan", in September, more than 3,900 wood enterprises in the region were excluded and 1,283 enterprises were given "yellow cards" to rectify and improve. More than 2,600 enterprises Highlight the "red card" to shut out.

On September 21, Fei County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, announced the closure of the first batch of sheet metal enterprises after September, with a total of 87 enterprises shut down.

November, Heze County, Shandong Province, Juye County released air pollution control studio documents, clearly vos organic volatile emissions of key industries - sheet metal processing industry will be discontinued.

In November, in order to greet Hebei province "2 +26 cities in Zuo Liutan area scattered pollution control on-site meeting," left Zhaodong District Zuogezhuang required unacceptable plywood enterprises on November 10 all discontinued, Scattered Rotary Paper Plant Remove completely within 7 days.

November 15, Langfang, Hebei announced a total of 449 peak list of manufacturers, wood-related enterprises 97, most of them furniture factory, there are two wood processing enterprises and two wooden doors business.

Tough environmental remediation situation led to the lack of operating capacity of sheet metal, supply is very tight.

Raw material prices, difficult business load

The shortage of supply is not only the plate, but also the raw material of the lumber business - lumber, this year the wood market filled with price hikes and out of stock tide, mainly due to the severe environmental remediation and import situation.

First, due to environmental protection was stopped production, not only a large number of sheet metal business, there are many wood processing enterprises and furniture businesses. As a key port for the import, export and processing of timber, Taicang Port has undergone a severe environmental inspection and most of the wood processing enterprises have been ordered to suspend production for rectification, leaving the original prosperous timber market to become empty and vacant. As a result, The scarcity of sources, this year the wood has been out of high prices.

Second, the export situation of timber exporters in this year is more severe. Laos banned the export of logs. In a country where Central African countries exported ancient barbados, the new ministers responsible for water and forests announced the ban on the export of all ancient barbados. Russia banned birch trees The export of logs; Myanmar has introduced "cut the ban", "limit order" to stop the export of timber and wood products; Zambia came the timber export ban, leading to the situation of China's timber imports grim, scarce supply, prices fall short of demand.

Thirdly, the arrival volume of major ports decreased. According to the statistical analysis of China Wood Net, the volume of timber of Russia timber in the three major land ports decreased this year; the volume of Manzhouli ports decreased slowly and the demand was unsatisfactory. In addition there are sea and land freight costs, the RMB appreciation and other reasons, leading to rising costs of imports of timber, the supply of scarce, rising prices.

The rise of raw material prices led directly to the increase of the cost of sheet metal enterprises. The seriousness of the environmental supervision and inspection also put pressure on sheet metal enterprises. This has directly deepened the gap between large and small sheet metal enterprises and caused many small enterprises to fail to load and the collapse tide came ahead of schedule.

It is reported that large-scale sheet metal raw materials companies demand more, the general use of futures trading, raw material suppliers can be purchased before the price surge in the next few months, a steady supply of raw materials; high value-added raw materials, to resist the risk of price increases ability; adequate funds, Reputable, there is sufficient cash flow to deal with rising prices. The small plates of raw materials are generally used now to buy, the price of raw materials is very weak resistance, and no high-tech can only rely on low prices to seize the low-end market, and relatively small liquidity, it is easy to raw materials Can not maintain its business under the influence of rising costs.

Not only that, in the case of small businesses are overwhelmed by the collapse of the situation, many large enterprises have also announced the price adjustment under the pressure of rising costs, such as China's largest plywood production base in Guangxi Liuzhou, Nanning, Guigang and other major production base plate due to environmental protection strict Governance, resulting in a substantial price increase of chemical products, while logs, veneer materials also followed a substantial rise, resulting in a substantial increase in the cost of construction glue template, the company has announced the price adjustment notice. There are also wood products enterprises in Shandong due to wood logs, Austrian slab board, cartons, paints and so on a sharp rise and out of stock, the company led to the new environmental protection equipment, production costs and other factors, the price of the product for a full range of adjustments.

Environmental protection and more cut-off, the cost Meng Meng, the plate market has emerged "a plate hard to find" the situation, the latter small plates were eliminated, the environmental costs of large enterprises superimposed, the price is expected to rise, many related companies have to prepare as soon as possible Buy and cherish!

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