Give The Kitchen A Window

- May 15, 2018 -

Give the Kitchen a Window

This hole is a window hole because sometimes it will not be fitted with windows, so let's call it a hole for the time being. When the kitchen is renovated, a window hole is artificially added. Basically, a window is opened toward the dining room, living room, aisle, etc. on the edge of the kitchen.

1. Increase lighting

The well-lit space always makes people feel more comfortable, and opening a window can certainly increase the lighting. This lighting is not necessarily a solution to the problem of poor lighting in the kitchen. It is also possible that the lighting in the kitchen is very good and that you can use light to give you space on the edge.


▲ The corridors in the narrow corridor are poorly lit, and the windows in the kitchen can increase the brightness of the corridors


▲ The restaurant beside the window is far away from the window and a window is opened between the kitchen and the dining room to increase the lighting


▲ The kitchen is in the middle of the apartment. There is no window. Open a hole at one end and replace it with a glass brick.

2. Pass the dishes

Some apartment kitchens are next door to the dining room, but the kitchen door is on the other side. This way, each time the dish is cooked, it must be circled. Although not far, the line of movement is always not good enough. If we open a window on the partition wall between the restaurant and the kitchen, we will solve the problem of passing food and we will also have other benefits such as lighting.


▲ The kitchen and dining table are separated by a window, and the dishes can be handed out directly


▲ Equivalent to semi-open kitchen

3. Spatial interactivity

Each space in the room is not completely independent and there should be more interaction between each other. Open kitchens are becoming more and more popular, but some regions do not allow gas to pass through. Some people still fear that fumes will spread to other spaces, so opening a window hole in the kitchen like this may be a good alternative.

Can enjoy the advantages of open kitchen, such as good vision, good lighting, good interaction, but also through the window or glass to isolate fumes. Imagine that someone in the family is cooking, someone is setting tableware in the dining room, and children are able to see each other in the living room. The warmth of the family is greatly enhanced.


▲ Interaction between sofa background and kitchen


▲ Glass partition between TV background and kitchen

4 different forms

In addition to the above advantages, I personally think that opening a window is actually quite good looking. Just different styles can do different designs, different designs have different advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to the specific circumstances.


▲ If glass partitions are used to cut off the lighting, the lighting can be increased. The material itself is also a chic decoration.


▲ wooden window frame is rich in literary temperament


▲ The white pane has a pastoral atmosphere. Even if it cannot be opened, it becomes a decoration.


▲ Louvre folding doors, convenient opening and closing, high facial expression


▲ Made a bar, another function


▲ Solid walls replaced with glass partitions, between open and closed kitchens

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