Furniture Woodworking Nail Left Eye, How To Deal With It?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Furniture woodworking nail left eye, how to deal with it?


Some time ago, a fan to Xiaobian message that their home furniture woodworking done, leaving a lot of nail eyes ...


She felt ugly asked carpenter how to do, then woodworking said no way! ! !


Must be a fake woodworker!


Consult a few old carpentry advice Xiaobian summed up the way to deal with woodworking pinhole probably the following:

1, nails eye ointment

2, nail hat

3, plug the nail hole with a candle

4, make up with paint


After some more detailed understanding, the following small series to talk to you a variety of ways to deal with the detailed approach!


First, nail ointment


Different products use different, but the principles are similar, you can buy directly in the hardware store, and have a very detailed method of use;


Second, nail hat


Nail hat suitable for playing screws or nails, a variety of locations are suitable, the following to an intuitive schematic;



Third, plug the nail hole with a candle


Melted candles into the nail into the eye, the nail plugging is also a way, but the effect may be more general;


Fourth, make up with paint


First with the sandpaper polished nail side, and then use high-pressure air duct to clean the nail eye of the dust; then go inside putty, and then fill the paint.


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