Four Tips For Kitchen Cabinet Designs

- Sep 28, 2018 -

Four Tips for Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Kitchen cabinets are an important part of the kitchen. Everyone wants to create a comfortable and clean cooking space. The kitchen cabinet design must be scientific and reasonable, but the kitchen cabinet design is a cumbersome thing, because each kitchen has different sizes.

1, the design of the kitchen cabinet size

I don't know how to build the kitchen cabinet size is one of the troubles many people encounter when decorating the kitchen. The size of the kitchen cabinet design is about whether people can open the door, so the size of the kitchen cabinet must be taken seriously, generally according to the Chinese. In terms of body shape, the kitchen cabinet has a table top height of about 80cm, which is generally a design ratio of 16:7. It probably means 160cm height with a 70cm counter, but since everyone is used to different things, it is best to build according to actual needs.

The kitchen cabinet not only has the bottom kitchen cabinet, but many household owners have designed the kitchen cabinet to save space. The size of the kitchen cabinet is not too high. The width of a door is about 300mm, the depth is about 350mm, the height must be moderate, otherwise it is too high to take things. Too low and easy to meet, so the height is about the height of the item that people can get to the middle of the kitchen cabinet.

2, the design of the kitchen cabinet placement

After the height of the kitchen cabinet is designed, we need to solve the problem of kitchen cabinet placement. The kitchen cabinet is very large. The location is not good. It is not only the kitchen is very crowded, but also the inconvenience of making people's meals, which greatly affects people's life experience. . The general kitchen cabinets are placed close to the wall, and the aisle is the center line. The kitchen cabinets are placed on both sides, which will look beautiful, clean and bright; the kitchen cabinet doors need to avoid crossing the kitchen door, otherwise the kitchen doors, drawers, kitchen cabinet doors Closure will be affected; kitchen cabinets and range hoods should not be intimate, otherwise the hood will be more troublesome to clean up in the future.

3, the design of the countertop

At present, most kitchen cabinets and stoves and sinks are connected. If the design of the stove and sink is unreasonable, it will greatly affect the efficiency of cooking. Therefore, the position of the cooktop and the sink is very important. First of all, the distance between the sink and the cooktop should not be too far, too far affecting the actual operation. The general distance is set between 1 m and 1 m5, and it is recommended to set a console between the sink and the cooktop. At least one chopping block can be placed on the console. And washing the basket. Secondly, the sink is preferably placed on the front of the window sill. It is not only well lit, well ventilated, but also keeps the sink dry at all times. Finally, the countertops of the kitchen cabinet design should not be too compact, avoiding the hassle of cooking.

4, the design of the kitchen cabinet waterproof

Because the countertop is designed with a sink, the water pipe must be connected to the kitchen cabinet. However, the kitchen cabinet material is almost all wood and does not have waterproof performance. Therefore, the kitchen cabinet must be designed with water and moisture resistance in mind. The general waterproof method is to use a suitable waterproof paint, such as js waterproof paint. The specific operation step is to apply the waterproof paint to the water pipe of the sink, and the place where the kitchen cabinet and the water pipe are connected is also painted with waterproof paint. In addition, there is a more environmentally friendly way, that is, the foil surface is attached to the surface of the kitchen cabinet, which can act as a waterproof pad.

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