Four Questions About Kitchen Cabinets Sink

- May 02, 2018 -

Four Questions About Kitchen Cabinets Sink

Question one: What is the best material for the kitchen cabinets sink?

304 stainless steel is recognized as the most suitable stainless steel sink.

Features: Light weight, good installation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, aging, corrosion, oil. Most of the high-grade stainless steel sinks range in price from RMB 1,000 to RMB 2,500, and are usually packaged. The sinks in the package also include faucets and plumbing fittings.

Question two: How to choose the kitchen cabinets sink size?

1, the horizontal length of the sink

The length of the transverse direction must be analyzed according to the actual situation. It mainly depends on several pots and bowls. There is no fixed size. You can purchase according to your own requirements.

2, the vertical length of the sink

Relating to the longitudinal length of the countertop, it is necessary to measure the width of the countertop before buying the sink. Generally, the width of the sink is smaller than the width of the countertop by 10-375mm (typically 250mm). If the sink and the edge of the countertop are too wide, it will not only be unsightly, but it will be very tiring when the hand is short. If it is too narrow, then it is not safe. When the sink is filled with water, the table may break because the edge is too narrow to withstand the weight of the sink.

3, sink depth

Taking into account our habits, sink depth 180mm-200mm more appropriate, large capacity and splash water. It is better to have steel ball positioning and s-type water pipe at the water outlet to effectively prevent sewer return.

4, inside the corner processing

The inner corners of the high-quality sinks are close to 90 degrees (in order to avoid cleaning corners, they are not 90 degrees). The volume of the pans is larger and the usage area of the sink can be increased.

5, sink thickness

0.7mm-1.0mm, the surface flatness should not be convex, not warping, the degree of error is less than 0.1mm.

Question 3: How to install the kitchen sink?

There are currently three main kitchen sink installations, namely the above-ground basin (the edge of the sink is above the table top), the under counter basin (the edge of the sink is installed under the table top, the user does not see the edge of the sink), and the countertop is embedded (it is the cabinet countertop Open a shallow step hole, the sink is fitted, and the edge is straight with the surface of the table).

1. Above-basin basin, the most traditional installation method is the most important installation method at present, the installation is simple and convenient, the texture of the sink is outstanding, and it is especially suitable for middle and high-grade sink installation. The overall effect is prominent;

2, under counter basin, generally require cabinet manufacturers to help install and then delivered to the customer's home, after installation is difficult to replace; the advantage is that the table is easy to clean, because the edge of the sink is hidden under the cabinet counter, so the sink corner is very simple There are certain advantages in cost;

3, table embedded, is currently not used much, mainly used in the high-end thin edge basin, the table top hole size requirements are very strict, open a big gap, open a small, can not fit into; but if you do a good job The effect after assembly is very good, both the overall view of the sink and convenient cleaning of the table.

Which specific installation method is selected can be selected based on the above characteristics according to own needs.

Question 4: What happens when the water pipe in the kitchen sink is blocked?

To clear things, many people instinctively think of tools such as plunger and Drain Snakes, but they are either too dirty or silver. How can they be simple and easy?

1, the sink pipe is U-shaped, the plugging is not very serious, you can use a large bucket of water, like a flush toilet, washed down from the sink.

2. Most of the cases are blocked due to fatty oils. We might as well try to burn a pot of boiling water to remove those oils.

3. Pour the baking soda into the sink's sewer and fill it with white vinegar. Immediately a lot of air bubbles will be produced. After a while, the sewer will pass!

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