Four Points Of Kitchen Cabinet Design

- May 11, 2018 -

Four Points Of Kitchen Cabinet Design

1. The pool and the stove are best in the same plane

When we cook in the kitchen, the process is usually vegetable washing - food selection - cutting vegetables - cooking. In order to follow this process, we have better arrange the pool and stove in the same plane, so that it will be more convenient to use.

The U-shaped cabinet is a good choice, it can be set on both sides of the pool and the stove. This distance will not be too far for the convenience of operation.


2. The height of the console must be changed

The new kitchen countertop should be adjusted according to the operator's height. If the owner's height is higher, the console can be higher and the height can be lower. The console can also be reduced accordingly, so that the operation will be more efficient. Handy, it will be more comfortable. At the same time, the height of the different work areas must also be different.


3. The table must stay away from the stove

In the home improvement, some friends would choose to open the kitchen even when the meal, or in order to save space, the restaurant and kitchen are arranged in the same area, the table and the stove are arranged very close, in fact, doing so is not appropriate. This is because the stove is a fire, and the nearby fumes are very heavy. Sitting in the vicinity of the stove and inhaling the gas fume for a long period of time are very unfavorable to our health. At the same time, the use of smoke, water will often spill on the table, the phenomenon will also be very troublesome to clean.


4. The stove bench is too close to the door

Maybe some people will arrange the stove near the door for convenience. But this is not good, and the stove can not be too close to the table, but if the door is not often closed, then the fume and dry gas is easy to float into the restaurant or indoors, not good for the body, do not use cleaning.


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