Five Common Senses That Must Be Known Before Customizing Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 12, 2018 -

Five Common Senses That Must be Known Before Customizing Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are a universally accepted method. However, as the largest non-standard product in the home, the kitchen cabinet does not look like it has a small area, but there are many details involved. The kitchen cabinet design is reasonable or not. The material of the kitchen cabinet is environmentally-friendly and safe. As a problem, only by understanding the problems that may arise in kitchen cabinet customization, can we better customize a set of practical and aesthetic kitchen cabinets for our kitchens.

Note 1: The thickness of the kitchen cabinet board is thin or not

The thickness of the kitchen cabinet board is different from the cost. For example, the board thickness of 18mm is 16% higher than that of 16mm board. The kitchen cabinet made of 18mm board has a longer service life, which ensures that the countertop does not crack and the door panel does not deform.

Note 2: Whether the backboard is single-sided or double-sided

Some unscrupulous businessmen cut corners, and only do one-sided seals on the back panel, so that the kitchen cabinets are prone to moisture and mold and cause pollution. It is recommended to choose double-sided seals.

Note 3: The test report provided is whether the raw material is qualified or the finished product is qualified

A kitchen cabinet produced by a regular manufacturer must produce a finished product test report and express the formaldehyde content. Some unscrupulous merchants provide opportunistic evidence that raw materials are tested for finished products. Environmental protection of raw materials does not mean environmental protection for finished products. Everyone at the time of purchase requested to provide a kitchen cabinet finished product inspection report, write down the number can call the quality inspection department to check the authenticity.


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Note 4: There is no anti-mute silent edge

Anti-mute and silently sealed kitchen cabinet body, when the door is closed, the impact force is relieved to eliminate noise and prevent insects such as cockroaches from entering. Everyone must ask when purchasing!

Note 5: The length of the warranty period

We all keep in mind that manufacturers who dare to protect for five years will certainly require higher requirements in materials and manufacturing. Everyone must ask about the warranty period when ordering custom kitchen cabinets.


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