Fireproof Board Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

- May 03, 2018 -

Fireproof board kitchen cabinets countertops

Fireproof board kitchen cabinets countertops are also the mainstream in the current cabinet market. Its rich color and light weight can match different styles of cabinets and match a modern kitchen. The fire board has the characteristics of fire prevention, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and easy cleaning.


1, mostly low-density board

The materials used to make fireproof plates in China are mostly low-priced density plates, and they cannot provide effective guarantees in terms of performance and environmental protection.

2, it is difficult to seamlessly splicing

There is a limitation on the length of the fire board, and the joints of the corner table splicing lack effective processing means and cannot achieve a perfect seamless joint. These gaps are naturally a “hotbed” of bacterial contamination. It is therefore more suitable for a font design. Therefore, this type of countertop is easily infiltrated by water, and when the processing is poor or improperly used, it can easily lead to degumming, deformation, and expansion of the substrate.

Suitable for the crowd: the pursuit of stylish and simple users.

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