Fireproof Board Kitchen Cabinets Countertops

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Fireproof Board kitchen cabinets Countertops

Fireproof board kitchen cabinets countertops is also the current cabinet in the mainstream market, due to its rich color and lithe figure, can be combined with different styles of kitchen cabinets, matching a modern stylish kitchen fully. Penetration of fire plate fire-proof, moisture-proof, anti-chemical cloud characteristics, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

Disadvantages: fireproof board kitchen cabinets countertops to length constraints, corner joint of mosaics lacked effective means of treatment, cannot achieve perfect seamless stitching as a whole, thus more suitable for print design. In addition, this vulnerable to water infiltration, when faulty or improper processing, degumming, deformation, easily lead to consequences such as expansion of the substrate.

For the crowd: the pursuit of stylish simplicity of user.


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