Fire Board Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 08, 2018 -

Fire Board Of Kitchen Cabinets

fire board veneer door of kitchen cabinets (As the name implies, high temperature wear resistance is its main advantage, favored by affordable homes)

"fire board" ----- the real name should be called the refractory board

With a particle board or medium dense board of kitchen cabinets as the substrate, its surface is a piece of decorative isolation paper, below is 8-9 layers of phenolic paper (that is, kraft paper). These papers are formed by immersing in melamine tree glue and then formed under high temperature and pressure, usually Thickness is 0.8-1.2 mm, divided into two kinds of curved plates and flat plates, and now more flat plates are used! The fire prevention board is mainly made of vise-based, “Fumei” and “West German Board” fire-resistant rubber sheets of European and American brands, and is processed into a door panel by pressing and coating. Anti-fire (resistant) fire board veneer door is applied to the kitchen cabinet door surface material earlier, has been the main material of the door panel, with resistance to fire burning, (usually up to 40 seconds) with high temperature (surface The temperature can reach 160 degrees), acid and alkali resistance (general chemical reaction such as soy sauce vinegar does not occur) friction (surface can be wiped with steel balls) rich colors (fire board color up to hundreds of colors). Divided into bright and matte. There are metal surfaces, there is a great deal of choice. The imported fireproof board is processed by high temperature and high pressure. It is pressed at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius per square centimeter and 90 kilograms, and the pressing time is 70 minutes. Some fireproof boards of kitchen cabinets are processed at medium and low pressure and pressed at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius per square centimeter. In kilograms, the pressing time is 40 minutes. In contrast, this fireproof board of kitchen cabinets is not as pressing and time-consuming as Weishengya's fireproof board, and it is easy to bend and break. Due to the fact that the fireproof panel of kitchen cabinets is mostly a frontal overlay, the opposite side is pasted with the fireproof panel of the book, resulting in different thicknesses of the two fireproof panels. When the height of the kitchen cabinet door is more than 800 millimeters, the bending deformation phenomenon is generally caused to varying degrees; If the paste operation is not proper, it is easy to debond, crack and other shortcomings. If the opposite side is also affixed with the same plastic sheet, the deformation problem is greatly reduced, but the cost will increase accordingly!

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