Fashion Elements Embodied In The Design Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Fashion elements embodied in the design of kitchen cabinets

In modern society, the kitchen cabinets has become the product of the combination of art and technology, the boundaries of kitchen cabinets and pure plastic arts is fuzzy, architecture, painting, sculpture, interior design and kitchen cabinets design, art and design in various areas of such as physical and chemical aspects of the pursuit of beauty and beauty is not fundamentally different, but also has elements of formal beauty. A series of common law, which is human from the natural beauty and artistic beauty of the Company in the long-term production and art practice, including the extraction of the art processing and applies to all art creative approach to design to create a beautiful home, it is necessary to grasp the law of formal beauty of the art form, and the law of formal beauty of the kitchen cabinets design in a few the Millennium the kitchen cabinets development of historical by countless predecessors and masters in the long-term design practice summed up, and the beauty of the kitchen cabinets modeling plays a leading role. Shape of Aesthetic Principles of kitchen cabinets and other plastic arts, ethnic, regional, social, kitchen cabinets styling has its own distinct personality characteristics, at the same time by the function, materials, structure, technology and other factors, a designer must be in accordance with their own experience, feel to flexible, creative application.

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