Environmental Kitchen Cabinet Of Rosen

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Environmental Kitchen Cabinet of Rosen

As we all know, the material used in furniture has a great influence on the style. In order to buy a favorite piece of furniture, many people have to choose the right material. In fact, it is important to have suitable materials, and more importantly, environmental protection. Environmentally friendly, you can give your family a green living environment and a healthy living environment. The Rosen cabinet, as the first brand in China to fully adopt the “E0” grade plate, has an environmentally friendly sheet with a formaldehyde emission of ≤0.06mg/m3, which is three times higher than the national environmental protection standard, and fully protects the healthy environment of you and your family.

According to indoor environmental testing data, the news that adults and children are sick each year due to decoration pollution is not uncommon. The cases of death caused by decoration pollution are not rare. People must be wary of the "invisible killer" of decoration pollution. The decoration pollution is ubiquitous, and the hidden dangers hidden in our kitchen are the biggest.

1, sheet pollution

The kitchen is the most frequently used place in the home and the place where food contact is most frequent. In the kitchen, the “half of the river” is no more than the cabinet, so whether the cabinet material is environmentally friendly has an important impact on our food safety. Therefore, the selection of the board must be strict, it is best to choose the board that meets the national environmental protection standards, to avoid the contamination of the board due to improper selection of the board.

2, countertop pollution

The countertop is also the area where food is most frequently contacted. Whether the countertop is environmentally friendly is directly related to whether we can eat safe and healthy food. Common countertops on the market are artificial stone, marble, wood and stainless steel. In the selection of the countertop, it is also best to choose artificial stone mainly composed of quartz stone. Because quartz stone is more environmentally friendly than other categories.

3, glue pollution

Many people think that glue is just a little accessory in the cabinet installation and does not affect safety. As everyone knows, glue is the root cause of poisoning of plates and coatings, so many consumers will be troubled. It is clearly chosen that environmentally friendly plates, why toxic substances will eventually exceed the standard.

In fact, in the final analysis, glue is still causing trouble. Therefore, when buying cabinets, be sure to ask in advance if it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic glue. If not, then you must be careful. It is very likely that because of one of your mistakes, it will eventually lead to a decline in family immunity and even serious illness.

In summary, consumers must polish their eyes when buying cabinets to avoid the above situation. The Rosen cabinet, as a brand that practices the industry's environmental health concept and is committed to creating a hygienic and green kitchen environment, from the perspective of environmental protection, from cabinet plates to cabinet accessories, has been created for consumers. A healthy, pollution-free green kitchen.

On the plate, Rosen selects special plates to create exclusive kitchen cabinets for consumers higher than the environmental standards of custom home industry plates. The formaldehyde emission of the cabinet plates is ≤0.06mg/m3, which is more than the national E1 level ≤0.124mg/m3. Strict (measured by the 1m3 climate chamber method).

On the countertop, the Rosen cabinet uses a quartz stone countertop with a super-hard, environmentally-friendly quartz stone material with a quartz stone content of up to 93%. In addition, Rosen's countertops are 100% non-toxic and have a water-soluble hazardous substance of 0, which can be recycled.

The glue used in the processing of the plate in the Rosen cabinet is also an environmentally friendly adhesive. It is a green and environmentally friendly non-polluting product, and the formaldehyde emission is far below the national standard.

In order to bring consumers a better product experience, Rosen cabinets employ European original designers, using German craftsmanship and high-quality hardware to fully protect the cabinet design and rigor, and create environmentally-friendly cabinet panels.

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