Eight Experience Of Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

- Nov 08, 2018 -

Eight Experience of Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

1, the kitchen cabinet is not more and more useful

Some people are afraid that the storage space of the kitchen will not be enough, so they like to choose kitchen cabinets with more kitchen cabinets. The choice of kitchen cabinets is not to be more beneficial, but should be reasonable and effective. Too many kitchen cabinets not only took up some of the activity areas, but also made the kitchen look heavy and depressed. The number of kitchen cabinets should be based on the actual situation in your home.

2, can not be renovated before starting to consider buying kitchen cabinets

Because the installation kitchen cabinet and the kitchen decoration are integrated, the kitchen and the living room are different. Do not buy the kitchen cabinet after the decoration. The correct method is: before the decoration, please ask the kitchen cabinet manufacturer to measure, set the kitchen cabinet style model, reserve the pipeline interface and the corresponding space, and then carry out the decoration. Finally, please enter the construction of the kitchen cabinet manufacturer.

3, the distance of the range hood from the stove should be appropriate

In order to enhance the function of the range hood, many people think that the closer the range hood is to the stove, the better. In fact, the effective distance of the range hood is usually 80 cm, in which the smoking effect is almost the same. Therefore, the range hood can be placed on the basis of the height of the owner. The height of the hood is usually about 80 cm, which should not be too high or too low.

4, the lighting source should not be too single

I believe that you have had such a trick: to wash rice under the illumination from the ceiling lamp, even if it is too big, it is inevitable that a few bad rice will be missed; even sometimes, the chopping board is just under your shadow, cutting vegetables. Had to follow the feeling to go. Today, this "power saving eye" lighting method has been out of date! The lighting design of the modern kitchen is divided into two levels. In addition to the lighting of the entire kitchen, kitchen cabinet-specific spotlights are also added in the washing area and the console. This kind of shooting light line is moderate, the switch is convenient, and your eyes are liberated.

5, can not ignore the intrinsic quality because of the kitchen cabinet panel

When selecting panels, people tend to focus only on their appearance and surface properties. They only look at whether the outer surface is waterproof, fireproof or scratch-free, but ignores the inner "heart" quality. The most straightforward way to identify the density of a sheet is to ask the salesperson to take out the panel model and see if the particles in the cross section are tight. High quality kitchen cabinet panels are the hallmark of high quality kitchen cabinetry.

6, do not blindly pursue open style

If you are a Chinese foodie who likes to do it yourself and ignore the shortcomings of the open kitchen, that's a problem. Imagine if the house is filled with greasy and spicy, I am afraid that "enjoy" is not just a fun meal. For these friends, it is recommended to use a compromise method, high-power range hood plus glass partition. It has both transparency and the pain of oil smoke.

7, wall tiles can not pursue good-looking, non-slip

People with this idea probably won't clean the kitchen themselves. If the surface of the uneven tile is not washed frequently, the grease will adhere to the gaps and micropores for a long time, which is difficult to remove, thus affecting the cleanliness and beauty of the kitchen. Therefore, when selecting such as ceramic tiles, aluminum gusset ceilings, and art styling doors, it should be flat and smooth.

8, the quality of hardware accessories should be chosen

Among all kinds of furniture, kitchen cabinets should be considered the most frequently used. The quality of hardware accessories directly determines the quality and service life of the kitchen cabinet. Therefore, when customizing kitchen cabinets, it is not advisable to use poor quality products in order to save money. When choosing a kitchen cabinet, you may want to first take a look at the hardware brand it uses. If economic conditions permit, you can use high-end hardware products with higher prices. The quality of the hardware is very important to the service life of the kitchen cabinet.

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