Do You Know The Cost Of A Cupboard?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Do you know the cost of a cupboard?

Wood cutting process, including large, small cut, direct feed, curved material adjustment, will produce a lot of wood flour, sawdust, a lot of loss of wood, the loss of the entire timber is 8%.


In the process of material opening, the part containing white skin, insect eye and rotten heart is removed, which is the most part of the whole waste. The waste of all kinds of wood is different, but the proportion of waste wood can reach 20% on average. Can not be used to make cabinet.


Wood to go through many drying, can be used. The moisture loss after drying is 15%, which means the wood weight will be reduced by 15%.


 Carving molding, wood loss of 18%.

Cabinet assembled, painted before, to scratch, use more than 10 kinds of scraping tools for scraping, in order to make the cabinet flat. Scraping is completed, you also need to use a different number of sandpaper scrub, cabinets can make delicate texture. Among these, it consumes a lot of wood.

 Therefore, for a ton of lumber, its actual utilization rate is only 31% or even lower.


 Into the solid wood cabinets factory, deep decryption solid wood cabinets of the production process:

 The original wood: In the corner of the production workshop, precious wood such as oak and rosewood are neatly stacked together, waiting quietly for the craftsmen to "plasticize" them.

 Carpentry open material: Each product has staging data, a single open (cabinets what the required size of the material), opened after forming, according to size specifications for cutting. First use the computer to print in accordance with the template, and then open the original wood with the machine.


 Semi-finished products: The first semi-finished products after opening, from the semi-finished product size, we can already predict the piece of wood in the future to create the image.

 Machine shape: every wood has this experience, using mechanical carved out of the prototype. Then manually polished twice, and then sanding, fine grinding, then press the flower carving, pure hand-knife knife carefully carved.

 Pure hand carved: carved master and carved tools. Carved cabinet everywhere, are the master of the carving of the glorious pen, they are decadent magic, cabinets carved one after another magical story.


 Workshop carved scenes: carved three-dimensional sense of visual inspection to be done after the carving need to be rigorously checked, and then polished and then shave repair and other processes. Relative to the mechanical carved, pure hand-carved more agility, fullness. Carving an ordinary cabinet takes 3-4 hours to carve, carving more complex is relatively more costly, longer time.

 Artificial wood mill: Molded parts must go through the woodworking process everywhere. Polished parts, more smooth.

 Manual assembly fixed: Here, each cabinet accessories for fixed combination, the product link technology, the choice of wood and special glue for a 3-4-hour fixed procedures. The face of the exchange of four seasons, the object of thermal expansion and contraction. This way of convergence is solid and solid, while the use of screw convergence of the product in the case of wood shrinkage, easy to fall off, resulting in loose product structure.


 Semi-finished products storage area: all kinds of semi-finished products waiting for further processing into a finished cabinet.

 Barn: The entire barn area of about 160 square feet. Each cabinet goes through a period of 72 hours and over 40 degrees Celsius temperature drying. After drying the wood layer inside the moisture, squeezed out to ensure product stability. General humidity does not exceed 12 degrees, humidity control at 12% or less. Even before the purchase of litter will not be assembled before the assembly will be dried, dried and then fight the thickness of the dry and then brush the oil. So that products can achieve higher moisture resistance, extend product life.

 Cabinet made secret: paint. Multi-layer paint has made Xiaobian dazzled, the paint is a waterproof cabinet moisture barrier, but also an important factor in determining the service life.

 After these complicated processes, a complete cabinet was finally born.

 Behind the good products, a process can not save. Xiao Bian has been deeply impressed. In view of the paint process is too much, Xiaobian choose a few representative scenes, so that you can experience God made Seiko.

 Oil tank at the end of the link: Cabinets moisture is critical, so very strict control of the paint process. Each cabinet has three floors after the end of oil treatment.

 Face oil scene: the workers on the cabinet surface oil spray paint treatment.


 Quality control scene: Each product needs to take a rigorous inspection lamp. If found loopholes fill hole, you need to put putty ash repair, an hour after the putty ash dry grinding again.


 Assembly scene: Before leaving the factory, each cupboard needs to be foamed, carton, wooden multi-layer protection assembly.



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