Different Styles Of Kitchen Cabinets(3)

- Dec 26, 2018 -

Different Styles of Kitchen Cabinets(3)

Modern white kitchen cabinet

Maybe the idea of a bright kitchen cabinet will make your spine horrible, and if so, then a simple white kitchen might be your best choice.

What better way to reflect sunlight into your home than a sparkling white kitchen cabinet? The white kitchen is very popular, no matter what the style of the home - they keep the kitchen clean (even if the dirty dishes are piled up).

This appearance can be achieved by various surface treatments such as paint, gloss paint, melamine or veneer. No matter what your budget is, you can use a clean, modern white kitchen. The white kitchen cabinets are also perfect for drawer pulls.

Dyed wood kitchen cabinet style can be modern

Pickled white kitchen cabinets are not all the rage, but you can still dye wooden kitchen cabinets in one color for a unique modern design.

Look at the kitchen cabinets in green tones. They are stylish, clean and unique. With a touch of color, the historical texture of the wood seems to be brought to the forefront, making the kitchen cabinet's texture a central stage.

This style of dyeing almost seems to be a combination of returning to nature and extreme modernism. Solid wood panels can be colored to match any color scheme of your choice.

Remove the upper kitchen cabinet to get a modern space

Simply skipping the upper kitchen cabinet seems a bit risky for some people, but by doing so, you can truly achieve a fairly open modern space.

Look at this kitchen - its stylish black and white style, without the upper kitchen cabinets, is very appealing. Instead of the upper kitchen cabinet, you can add a stunning back splash to the ceiling, or you can place an ultra-modern stainless steel cover over the stove.

Of course, this style may not be suitable for those who need a lot of kitchen storage. As you can imagine, without storage, your storage space is halved.

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