Different Styles Of Kitchen Cabinets(2)

- Dec 25, 2018 -

Different Styles of Kitchen Cabinets(2)

Lacquered wood kitchen cabinets add lush modernity

The lacquer kitchen cabinet is like a new painted car parked in the kitchen - bright, shiny and colorful. The paint kitchen cabinet is manufactured by a process that coats multiple layers of paint, then polished and waxed.

If done properly, the finish can be durable and scratch resistant. However, most people would say that this type of topcoat is not the perfect choice for a busy family with children, because the paint is already known.

If you are willing to take this risk, the high gloss of the lacquer kitchen cabinets may be the choice of your modern kitchen kitchen cabinet, because its sleek aesthetic is unparalleled. You can choose paint kitchen cabinets of almost any color, but be aware that in order to maintain shine you must clean them properly.

There are many products that claim to clean paint, but just make sure you use the right things because some chemicals can actually be eaten when they are finished.

Floating shelves can replace kitchen cabinets

The epitome of modern design is a clean line. Instead, is there any better way to achieve a clean, open floor plan instead of canceling the kitchen cabinets and installing floating shelves?

The floating shelf adds a straight line that perfectly matches any modern or modern decor. Most homeowners choose this style of upper kitchen cabinet and then have closed kitchen cabinet doors for the lower half of the kitchen. This allows storing all those ugly appliances and appliances.

Some wooden floating shelves combined with glass backsplash or shiny subway brick backsplash will make your kitchen annoying to breathtaking! The only drawback to floating shelves is the lack of hidden storage space.

Modern kitchen cabinets can still have color

When most people think of a modern kitchen, their thoughts immediately imagine a smooth white or black kitchen without bright colors, but the colors can be modern.

Why not use cherry red paint or laminate kitchen cabinets? Still bright cobalt blue? Or maybe even try cyan cyan? All of these colors can be combined with modern décor. Especially in the modern decoration of the Middle Ages - good colors and patterns are the king of this epic style.

If you want to add color to your kitchen, then consider using colored kitchen cabinets. You can choose to use a touch of color through one or two upper kitchen cabinets, or use the entire flaming kitchen for a big bang - either way, it will create a huge style.

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