Different Kinds Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 02, 2018 -

Different Kinds of Kitchen Cabinets

"一" shaped: best for narrow spaces

The layout of the kitchen is usually determined by space, and the narrow kitchen is usually a "1" type. Europa kitchen cabinet designers believe that the straight-line structure is simple, clear, and space-saving, as long as the cooking, cooking, and washing areas are arranged from left to right or from right to left according to their own usage habits. . If the space is wide enough, you can also consider the "two" type layout, on both sides of the narrow wall side, the stove, washing area row in turn, and the other side can be set as a cooking area or storage area.

Advantages: There are no obstacles to move around during operation, and each kitchen cabinet can be fully utilized at a glance.

Disadvantages: The operating table is generally not rich. In addition, the kitchen cabinet is generally not too much. The family with a little more kitchen supplies may not feel enough.

"U" shaped: The most holistic effect

"U" type cupboards should be a mature choice. From the design point of view, the washing area, cooking area, operation area, storage area can be divided very clearly, after all, a wide space. The designer of the product still thinks that this kind of design is most comfortable to use. Various home appliances can generally be designed. Even the design of double basins can be done. The overall effect is also very good, and the entire space can be filled up. “U” The shaped layout requires that the kitchen has a large area and is of sufficient width. Generally larger kitchens are recommended to choose such designs or island designs.

Advantages: The refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and even the washing machine can be housed in the kitchen cabinet in an embedded manner, and the kitchen is more integrated.

Disadvantages: The shortcomings are similar to the "L" shaped kitchen cabinets. The appearance of two corners is more difficult to handle. It is necessary to consider whether or not to join the corner pull basket.

"L" shaped: The most reasonable operation layout

The “L” type is also called a semi-enclosed layout and is currently the most used type. This has a lot to do with the division of kitchen space in building codes. According to Cobb Boloni kitchen cabinet designer, the general 4 to 6 square meters of kitchen, "L" type cupboard is the best choice. The design is generally based on the site conditions, the basin and the stove as much as possible placed on both sides of the L-shaped. If the kitchen is large, it is recommended that the distance between the basin and the stove should be adjusted accordingly, generally 90 cm to 120 cm. Some "L" type cupboards and the two drawers below the cooking area are all storage spaces, and the drawer on the top can form a multi-functional pull-out table and become an "F" type, effectively expanding. Kitchen space.

Advantages: It is the most reasonable kitchen operating principle to make full use of the operating space in the middle zone and form a triangular area in the process of washing, cutting and frying.

Disadvantages: that is, the corners of the kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets are easy to form a blind spot for visual and use, and the applicable corner baskets are mostly imported products, and the prices are relatively high.

Island Desk: The most fashionable kitchen life

The island-style kitchen cabinets are currently the most fashionable design. With the growing kitchen space, the traditional single-line kitchen cabinets can no longer meet the modern people's pursuit of the quality of the kitchen. According to the kitchen cabinet designer of Cobol Boloni, there are two kinds of island stations, one is the island station connected with the whole kitchen cabinet, which can be used as a console or a minimalist design, not as a kitchen cabinet under the island. Instead, several bar tables and chairs are provided to provide a platform for the host to communicate with friends during the operation. The other is an independent island station. This design is used in large kitchens and can be used on islands. Separate basin, electric ceramic stove console or bar.

Advantages: Let the kitchen is no longer the kitchen in the traditional sense, more like a place for communication and rest, so that the culinary person is no longer alone and can reduce the boring sense of work.

Disadvantages: The need for a larger space, such as the kitchen is not big enough, it needs to open up with the living room, the overall investment is relatively high.

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