Different Kinds Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 17, 2018 -

Different Kinds of Kitchen Cabinets

According to the kitchen cabinet door material, cabinets can be roughly divided into following seven kitchen cabinets:

1. Solid wood kitchen cabinets

Made of solid wood cabinet doors, style is mostly classical, usually higher prices. Solid wood doors are divided into solid wood core doors and solid wood skin doors. Generally, the door frames are solid wood, mainly cherry, walnut, and oak. The door core has a medium density board with solid wood, but also has a solid wood door core. In the production, it is generally made of concave and convex shapes on the surface of the solid wood, and the outer paint is sprayed, thereby maintaining the original wood color and sleekness. This can guarantee the special visual effect of solid wood, and the combination of the frame and the core board can ensure the strength of the door panel. Natural and simple effect, according to the fine degree of workmanship and paint can distinguish the level of the price, the most advanced solid wood door panel whose core board is a panel-type structure of artificial wood skin, this combination of production process to minimize the degree of deformation of the door panel ..

2. Fire board kitchen cabinets

At present, it is the main material of the whole cabinet. The substrate is generally particle board and medium density board. The fireproof board is glued inside and outside the surface. The general fireproof cabinet is suitable for the general appearance of the cabinet and the mid-range decoration kitchen with practical functions.

3. Blister kitchen cabinets

The blister board substrate is a density board, the surface is vacuum-plasticized or a seamless PVC film pressure molding process is adopted. Blister-type door panel is rich in color, vivid wood grain, pure color, pure color, no cracking and deformation, resistance to scratch, heat, stain resistance, fade resistance, is the most mature cabinet material, and daily maintenance is simple. Blister door panels are a very mature and very popular type of cabinet material in Europe. Blister door panels mainly use film membranes to determine the quality of door panels. The blister door panel is formed by cutting and molding the medium density board, and then gluing and pressing the PVC film to suppress the molding once. Because the selected substrate and the PVC film are different, the quality varies greatly. Good blister plate with nails, no obvious signs, the door is not easy to deformation. All the material of the plastic door panel is not easy to be identified after it is manufactured and processed, and it cannot be seen on the outside. The quality can only be observed by visual and feel.

4. Melamine decorative panel kitchen cabinets

The paper with different colors or textures is soaked in a melamine resin adhesive and then dried to a certain degree of curing. The paper is laid on the surface of particleboard, medium-density fiberboard or hardboard, and hot-pressed. The melamine veneer door is represented by the German love family board, which has the advantages of smooth surface, no deformation, bright color, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the price is moderate. Coupled with the original seal notes, giving a visual effect as a whole. The domestic production of melamine veneer door panel is represented by Lushuihe plate, and all the indicators have also reached international standards. This type of door is relatively cheap. Melamine refers to a type of impregnated paper that is pressed onto the surface of a wood-based panel by a hot press. This paper is resistant to acid and rubbing and is a good surface material. The cabinet plate of the cabinet is generally selected to be 16 thick and 18 thick. In the poly-triamine board, 18-in-thickness must be used to make the door panel, so as to avoid damage to the door panel caused by excessive thinness of the surface material caused by the hinge hole.

5. Paint kitchen cabinets

The substrate of the paint board is a density board, and the surface is baked at a high temperature after six times of baking and baking the paint (three bottoms, two sides, one light). The "baking paint" currently used for cabinets only illustrates one kind of process, that is, after the paint is sprayed into the drying room, it is heated and dried to treat the substrate door. The paint plate is characterized by its bright color and easy shape, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti-pollution ability, and easy cleaning. Disadvantages are high level of technology, high scrap rate, so the price is high; use care must also be carefully guarded against fear of bumps and scratches, if it is damaged, it is difficult to repair, to replace the whole; smoke more likely to appear in the kitchen Chromatic aberration. The lacquer door base material is medium density board, and the surface is painted with high temperature after oven baking. Can be divided into single-sided paint and two-sided paint two. The door cabinet cabinet produced by the baking paint process is beautiful and beautiful, and the user needs careful care during use.

6. Metallic kitchen cabinets

Fine brushed and polished, metal plate or imitation metal plate with dense protective layer on the surface. This material has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and daily maintenance is simple, delicate texture, easy to clean, long life. With the prevalence of metal pop, this high-grade metal door panel has become a new favorite, including aluminum finish convex panel, is the most high-end kind of door. But its price is high and it is suitable for pursuing ultra-high-end decoration that is in sync with the world's fashion.

7. Mirror resin kitchen cabinets

The mirror resin board is still used in the cabinet market. Its properties are similar to that of the paint door, which is fashionable, colorful, and waterproof. However, it is not wear-resistant, easy to decorate, and its high temperature resistance is not very good. Therefore, consumers who have high color requirements and are eager to pursue fashion can choose cabinets with mirrored resin plates, but because they are easy to decorate, care should be taken when using them.

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