Different Color Of Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 04, 2018 -

Different color of kitchen cabinets

1. Fresh lime green lemon yellow, tender and tender green, life with no period, vibrant green went into the kitchen and rich nutrients while attached to a visual imagination, color theme to varying degrees of green space, space can make a kitchen atmosphere in stylish jump.


2. Purple elegant, if there is sufficient space in the kitchen, this Royal purple cabinet will be a good choice, this purple charm, elegance and noble purple transfer can be a bright one at home.


3. Pure blue, blue paired with white cabinets with full light, extremely fresh and eye-catching, which mix of maturity and elegance, complement each other, a harmonious yet flexible. Full of fantastic colors, keeping clear, romantic feel, cupboard space, pure, sweet, reverie.


4. Red passion, super environmentally friendly kitchen cabinet. A fiery red, also seemed to show passionate Spain dance music, giving a refined feel.


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